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Feeling Efficient

Don’t you love it when you feel efficient? That’s me today. It didn’t start out that way. I had had a miserable night which included getting up take extra pain medication. When the alarm went, I just didn’t feel like … Continue reading

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Cancelling A Magazine

How long does it take to cancel a magazine subscription? For years I’ve subscribed to a number of magazines through a publishing service. Most of the time they would extend my subscription for three years at a time. I decided … Continue reading

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I Did It!

I stupidly spilled something on my computer keyboard the other day which pretty much killed the keyboard. The backspace and delete keys no longer worked at all and some of the other keys didn’t want to cooperate either. I had … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Blessing

Today I stopped at the Dairy Queen drive-through for lunch after tutoring. I don’t often go there but they have a $5 lunch deal which is pretty good. I got three chicken strips (my new favorite), fries, a drink, and … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Frustrated

I’m getting frustrated. Friday I called in a prescription renewal to Wal-Mart. According to the automated system, I could pick it up after 3 p.m. on Saturday. Saturday when I called to get the prescription, it wasn’t ready. Not only … Continue reading

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I Tried

I haven’t been to the school to tutor my student for about a month. In fact, we’ve only had one session together. I’ve been sick with the never-ending cold, the Christmas vacation took place followed by snow days thanks to … Continue reading

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Being Lazy

I’m not sure if I’m inherently lazy or if this is one of the effects of a cold/sinus thing I’ve had since the Saturday after Christmas. But I can’t get interested in doing anything. I will read but naps are … Continue reading

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