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Some numbers just amaze me. This weekend is my niece’s 40th birthday. How did she get so old? I realize I’m getting older myself but surely I’m not old enough to have a 40-year old niece. Remembering that she has … Continue reading

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This The Season

It’s the season for the fireworks tents to appear. Sure enough, there are a number of them along the highway. Some are in their usual spots but one has moved across the street to a different lot. Most of them … Continue reading

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Learning About Herbs

My local library functions somewhat like a community center. Last night there was a program on Herbs. Since I had to return my books, I went along to the program. I naively thought the program would be about herbs and … Continue reading

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Why Grape?

I was making a peanut butter sandwich for lunch the other day when a question popped into my mind. Why is peanut butter so often paired with grape jelly? You can even buy jars of peanut butter and grape jelly … Continue reading

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Civic Duty Completed

This morning I drove to the county seat, a town south of me, to serve as a juror. In this county, you are “called” for a two-month period. I received a summons for two days last month. However, I was … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that some of the blogs I read include a list of other blogs that the blog writer reads. I sometimes scroll through the list, reading “new to me” blogs. Do you ever do that? Another thing I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Received an email¬†notice from the library that the book they had been holding for me which I checked out was soon going to be overdue.¬† So I made a quick trip to the library last night to return it and … Continue reading

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