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Wintery … Ugh!

Today is definitely wintery.  Not my favorite kind of weather.  The temp has been falling all day.  We’ve had freezing drizzle which makes getting out very iffy.  Ever since my mother fell on ice and paralyzed herself from the neck … Continue reading

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Summer Still Here

I know that Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer.  But here that isn’t true.  The weekend was very hot with “real feels” over 100.  Thankfully, the temps are supposed to drop by the weekend and maybe summer will … Continue reading

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Two blessings have unexpectedly come my way this week. One is cooler weather. With the lower temps has come rain. Last Friday we had a thunderstorm. I was surprised when I went out later to find a large branch from … Continue reading

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What A Storm!

That was quite a storm we had yesterday!  The wind blew; rain slashed down; lightning and thunder cracked and rumbled through the air.  Lots of people were (still are) without electricity.  Thankfully, I’m not one of them but my lights … Continue reading

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Rude Awakening

My day started with a rude awakening. My leg cramped so much that I nearly cried. I’m not sure why it cramped like it did but I couldn’t seem to get rid of the cramp. Eventually it did ease up … Continue reading

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Attending Church A New Way

Sunday I overslept. There was no way I could rush around and get to church on time. Then I remember that we now livestream some of the services. So I logged in to the church’s website and, lo and behold, … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend

Here we are at Memorial Day weekend. Do you have any special plans? I don’t have any plans … yet. The Compton Heights Concert Band have their annual concert Monday afternoon. I’m undecided whether I want to go. Parking will … Continue reading

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