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Nothing to Say

Strange as it seems, I have nothing to say!  Earlier in the week I thought of something.  I decided I’d save it for today.  Now the thought has escaped and left me with just a blank space where thoughts for the … Continue reading

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An Enjoyable Lunch

A friend who lives in Florida was in town to visit her daughter. She called and invited me to meet her for lunch yesterday. What a nice lunch we had! We met at The Bread Company which is one of … Continue reading

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A Sweet Surprise

This afternoon when I went to the supermarket to get a few things, I was very thirsty and my throat was beginning to get sore. On my way home, I wheeled through the drive-thru at Jack-n-Box. I ordered a Dr. … Continue reading

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A Touch of Fall

The weather has taken a turn to cooler. Last night it was down in the 60s and I don’t think today will get warmer than 80. There’s definitely a touch of fall in the air. It’s supposed to be like … Continue reading

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Have you ever watched a baby study its fingers? To that little one, fingers are the most fascinating thing in the world. I got to thinking about fingers recently and how they serve us in so many ways. We use … Continue reading

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Yummy Peaches

I went to a nearby shop run by a farm/orchard firm to get some fruit and vege on Saturday. I purchased a small basket of peaches. I know this company has really good peaches — in fact, in other years … Continue reading

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Do you ever think about how our memory works?  I was prompted to wonder about this today.  I was reading a Max Lucado book on prayer.  In the notes at the end of the book was a line from an … Continue reading

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Knitting Class

Rather to my surprise, I was scheduled to teach a Kids’ Knitting class on Tuesday.  There was one problem, though.  I was also supposed to be at the dentist at an overlapping time.  Thankfully, I was able to reschedule the … Continue reading

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