Feeling Efficient

Don’t you love it when you feel efficient? That’s me today.

It didn’t start out that way. I had had a miserable night which included getting up take extra pain medication. When the alarm went, I just didn’t feel like doing the tutoring this morning. After lying there a while longer, I got up and called the school to report I wouldn’t be there. Then it was back to bed where, thankfully, I fell into a restful sleep for another couple of hours.

Once up for the day, I had breakfast and a leisurely read of the newspaper. Then it was time to get ready to take my car for its safety and emission tests prior to renewing the license. On my way, I was delayed by a serious accident. I didn’t see it happen but as I inched my way around it (thanks, policeman, for your direction) I could see the ambulance folks working to extricate the driver of one car. Even though I was delayed, I still made it to my appointment on time.

The testing only took an hour. I had some coffee and a delicious toasted coconut covered doughnut while I waited. Then it was time to head into the rest of my day. My long winter coat was at the cleaners so I decided to stop and get it before I went home. As long as I was at that shopping plaza, I went to my bank to take care of some things: transferring funds between accounts, paying safe deposit bill, etc. Then I went to the other bank which has a facility in the supermarket to pay my house payment.

Then it was timw to come home feeling oh so efficient since I had accomplished all my errands. That means I won’t have to go out tomorrow when the weather is forecast to be miserable with wind, cold, and rain.

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