I’m Getting Frustrated

I’m getting frustrated. Friday I called in a prescription renewal to Wal-Mart. According to the automated system, I could pick it up after 3 p.m. on Saturday. Saturday when I called to get the prescription, it wasn’t ready. Not only that, they didn’t have the drug in stock.

The nice clerk called two additional Wal-Mart stores and two Walgreens stores. No one had this very expensive drug in stock. Maybe the cost is why? Who knows? At any rate, he recommended another drug that would cost roughly half as much but then showed me a list of blood pressure drugs they had for $4. He suggested I call my doctor and ask about switching me to one of those drugs.

My doctor’s office has a computer system where you can leave emails, make appointments, check test results, etc. so I sent an email on Sunday including that long list of $4 drugs. I fully expected a return email yesterday. No answer. Well, I suppose the office could have been closed for the Martin Luther King holiday although I’ve never heard of a doctor’s office observing that holiday.

No answer to my email today. So I called the office. I got a recorded message that the office was closed due to a training session. I need to call the registry if I really need to contact my doctor. I was so taken aback I forgot to make a note of the number I’m to call but I’ll call back in a bit and get it.

Needless to say, all of this effort to renew a prescription isn’t doing anything to lower my blood pressure.

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1 Response to I’m Getting Frustrated

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I had to call my dentist yesterday (to change my check-up: I had scheduled it for a time I was in class) and they were open.

    The pharmacy I go to is pretty good but from time to time they’ve been out of the “full run” of a medication I take, and give me one month at a time, with the other two “owed” me, so I have to come back in. They have an automatic renewal process (you call in with the script number, or have your doctor’s office call) but it can’t say if the medication is in stock or not.

    I fear that with increasing “automation” in health care, we’ll all see more of this.

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