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Do you Skype? How does it work? Do you need to add a camera to your computer? Do you need a special phone line? Do you need to set up a specific time or can you do it more or … Continue reading

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Girls’ Night Out

Thursday night I attended the Girls’ Night Out at a nearby hospital. This consisted of four doctors who formed a panel and answered questions from the female audience. In addition, there were chair massages available along with some informational booths. … Continue reading

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More Vacation Thoughts

Given all the eye surgery expenses these last two months, I’ve pretty much given up the idea of going away even for just a couple of days. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a vacation of sorts. I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Eyes Update

Yesterday I had the final appointment with the surgeon’s office. I saw one of the doctors who works with him. She had a terrible time trying to get a reading on my vision. I kept insisting I couldn’t see the … Continue reading

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Not Long Now

It won’t be long now before the sound of fireworks erupts in my neighborhood.  The tents sheltering the stands selling them have been popping up all along the highway.  I’m not sure when the regulations granting them permission to actually … Continue reading

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A Right Royal Send-Off

Last night I went to a funeral. The fact that it was held in the evening was a bit unusual. It was the “home going” for a 94 -year-old woman I’ve known most of my life. I wouldn’t say I … Continue reading

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I Need A Vacation

I need a vacation.  It doesn’t have to be long … just a day or two would do.  Where would I go? I’ve been thinking about the Laura Ingalls Wilder farm in Mansfield, MO.  Mansfield would be about 3 or … Continue reading

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Thanks for Cool Air

I’m so thankful for the cool air that is wafting through my house. I’ve known for about a month that there was something going on with my air conditioner because the house was not cooling off as it should. I … Continue reading

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What’s With My Lightbulbs

I have a problem with lightbulbs. One light fixture in the kitchen will only take incandescent style bulbs. That fixture has six bulbs. Recently four of the six all burned out at the same time. The light fixture over the … Continue reading

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Opps! I forgot to write a blog post yesterday. Shame on me. I really don’t have much to say. I wanted to mention that the Global Director of Missions for the UPCI spoke at church in both Sunday services. I … Continue reading

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