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Finally, I got a tomato

Yesterday I went out and picked my first tomato from my cherry tomato plant.  Not sure how I managed to get it before the squirrels but I have finally harvested a tomato.  It’s just a wee one and still needs … Continue reading

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Arrival of autumn

Last Monday was the first day of autumn.  You’d never know that if you went by the local temperatures this week.  We’ve had gorgeous late summer sun and temps.  But autumn’s arrival is evident when you look at the trees.  … Continue reading

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When, why?

A remark on the Life’s A Stitch blog the other day got me to thinking about department stores.  It seems to me that they’ve evolved into being mostly a clothing store with small sections for perfumes, purses, china, and linens.  … Continue reading

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I hear music …

Last Thursday evening I attended a free concert played by the St. Louis Symphony.  It was held in Forest Park.  The temporary bandstand was erected next to the Grand Lagoon at the bottom of Art Hill.  The audience set in … Continue reading

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Tis the season …

To get your flu shot!  I was reminded of this yesterday when I was at my doctor’s office for a Weight Management appointment.   The cost of a flu shot is minimal when compared to the cost of missing days at … Continue reading

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In praise of mitered squares

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m knitting the vest on the cover of the September issue of Creative Knitting which is done in mitered squares.  I didn’t realize when I started this vest that mitered squares are as … Continue reading

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Orchids are sexual!

Today’s seminar topic was orchids.  The presenter said they are very sexual.  In fact, the word “orchid” is a Greek word which refers to a man’s genitalia and was given to the flowers some hundred of years B.C. because it was thought … Continue reading

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Ike arrived

I guess Ike heard I was asking about him because he came during the night.  I woke about 5 a.m. to hard rain beating against my windows and wind bursts slamming into the house.  According to the radio, we have … Continue reading

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What happened to Ike?

According to our weather forecasters, we were supposed to get rain (and possibly high winds) from Ike this weekend.  It was to start last evening and continue through until Monday.  So far, not a drop of rain.  It’s in the … Continue reading

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Memory Pegs

In the memory of everyone are events which serve as pegs upon which we hang our lives.  It might be the memory of your first pet or your first car, the day you went away to school or the day … Continue reading

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