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A good day for reading

Today is a grey, overcast day.  It really looks wintery although the temperature is about 50, I think, so it doesn’t really feel wintery.  The forecast says we’re to get a mix of rain and snow later today so that … Continue reading

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Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States.  Usually the day is marked by having a big dinner with family and friends and giving at least token thankful recognition of the many things we have.  Football games usually feature … Continue reading

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Knowing when to stop

Saturday night I went to the symphony.  The program was interesting.  The first number was a Mozart piano concerto.  The guest soloist was an interesting performer.  He nodded and bobbed his head while waiting for his cue to join the … Continue reading

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A question to ponder

When did losing bladder control become a measure of how funny a situation is?  I’ve read the expression “I laughed until I nearly wet my pants” several times in the last few days.  I don’t get the connection between humor … Continue reading

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In praise of knit dishcloths

Yesterday I took my car to the dealer for an oil change.  I settled in the waiting area with my knitting (a scarf, thanks for asking) while my car was being serviced.  The service manager came to me with some … Continue reading

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Is it time to put up the outside Christmas decorations already?

I’m busy concentrating on the Thanksgiving dinner I’ll be cooking for my family next week … wondering when to buy the turkey so it will have time to thaw, what side dishes to make, what dessert to take to the … Continue reading

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To err is human

I’m currently knitting a christening blanket for a friend’s granddaughter.  It has alternating cables and lace panels.  The cables all twist the same way every inch.  I have about 10 inches of the blanket knitted.  Yesterday when I was smoothing … Continue reading

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When then thinking

Last night at Bible Study, the minister taught on learning contentment.  He used a phrase during the lesson which caught my ear … when then thinking.  When I ___________, then I’ll _________.  You get to fill in the blanks.   This … Continue reading

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Effects of Time Change

What effects has the change back to standard time had on you?  I know some liken the effects to those of jet lag.  I never paid any attention to them prior to this year.  But I do believe the change … Continue reading

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What is flexibility as it relates to knitting?  I got to thinking about that as I changed my mind — more than once — about what to do with the leftover yarn from my vest.  At first, I thought I … Continue reading

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