I Tried

I haven’t been to the school to tutor my student for about a month. In fact, we’ve only had one session together. I’ve been sick with the never-ending cold, the Christmas vacation took place followed by snow days thanks to the polar vortex and before you know it, a month has gone by.

Today I headed off to the school. I still don’t feel 100 percent healthy but I don’t think I’m can give this cold to anyone. Lo and behold, I learned that I really hadn’t missed all those sessions because they weren’t at school. I felt better.

Then I made my way to the classroom to pick up my student. She was absent!

Oh, well, at least I tried to go do the tutoring. I can use the same book next week for our reading but I will have to find some other activities to go with it. The original ones I got refer to Christmas and Santa Claus.

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1 Response to I Tried

  1. Susie says:

    I feel your pain, truly. I am almost two weeks into this cold, and it sounds like yours. On top of that, Himself has come down with it, right on schedule. Meals are pretty grim, since neither of us can taste or smell. Plus, all that coughing and blowing….On the upside, our weather has been pretty much perfect, in the 70’s. You have my permission to remind me of this statement, come July and August when it will be 115.

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