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Quiet social whirl

I’ve having a bit of a quiet social whirl this holiday weekend.  Last night I attended The Untalent Show at church.  This is a fund raiser sponsored by the Youth Department to raise funds for Sheaves for Christ which supplies … Continue reading

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Why not follow directions?

I was at my knitting group the other day, working on my new project which is the vest on the cover of the September issue of Creative Knitting.  The group meets at Borders Bookstore so frequently someone is looking through … Continue reading

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Oh the memories!

I’m currently reading The Mummers’ Curse by Gillian Roberts.  Today I read the phrase “My classic Mustang” and I was immediately whisked back to 1969 and the first car I owned.  It was a 1967 Mustang, white, with vinyl bucket … Continue reading

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The lure of a new project

After I finished my Ruffly Scarf the other day, I faced a big decision.  What to knit now?  I have a number of started projects.  Should/would I finish one of them?  That would be the sensible thing to do.  So … Continue reading

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Yea! A FO!

I finally have a Finished Object that isn’t baby-related.  I finished a ruffly scarf on Tuesday at my knitting group.  I have one knitting student.  She purchased a similar scarf a few months ago and brought it to me.  The … Continue reading

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It’s obvious; I’m not a gardener

If I had any doubts about my ability to grow plants, I’ve had them removed this year.  Yesterday I went out to water my tomato and bean plants.  No tomatoes although the cherry tomato plant has a few flowers on … Continue reading

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A simple pleasure

Today I was reminded of a simple pleasure when I got the mail from my mailbox out on the curb.  As I walked back to the house, I flipped through and — lo — there’s a personal letter from a … Continue reading

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A blast from the past

A few months ago, KMOX-AM (1120 on the radio dial) started a new program at 8 p.m. on Saturday evening called Route 66.  During this five-hour period, music is played.  This is a little unusual because normally KMOX is a … Continue reading

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A new-to-me author

The last time I went to the library, I found a new-to-me author on the mystery shelves.  Gillian Roberts writes interesting mysteries set in Philadelphia.  The main character is a high school English teacher.  The stories are set in her … Continue reading

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An evening with Lily Chin

Lily Chin is a name readers of Knitters magazine will recognize.  So will knitters who attend the Stitches Conferences the magazine sponsors.  She’s known as a designer (her costumes for the annual banquet at the Conferences are always eagerly anticipated) … Continue reading

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