The Weather Has Been Brutal

Our weather has been brutal. Saturday wasn’t too bad but once the temps started dropping, they forgot when to stop! Monday it didn’t get above zero F all day. It started snowing Saturday night and snowed all day Sunday. Accumulation is 10 to 12 inches. Hard to know where to measure it because of the drifting from the wind. Road crews valiantly tried to clear the roads — they’re still working on that — but thanks to the winds there were times and places where they couldn’t see the road.

Me? I’ve been staying in the house. The furnace has been going full blast. I did try to go out to get the paper and mail yesterday. I think, in hindsight, that was a bit of a mistake. I didn’t put on my snow boots, not realizing how deep the snow was and ended up with my feet and lower legs encased in snow. It was so bad I thought I had perhaps gotten them frostbitten. Hours after I came inside, they finally warmed up.

I now knew I had a problem. The neighborhood snow plow had been by and left me a ridge of snow across the end of my drive that was probably 14 to 15 inches high. Since I still haven’t fully recovered from my holiday cold, there was no way I’d be able to shovel that drive. I began to pray for some help. Several years ago when we had a big snow, the young men who live in the house across the side street (I live on a corner) came and shoveled my drive for me. That’s who I had in mind as I prayed.

I’m convinced the Lord has a sense of humor because who He sent was a team of four young men with a small snow plow. They had my drive plowed out in seemingly no time. It cost me $30 but was money well spent. The ridge from the driveway is now across the street up against the edge of that neighbor’s yard where it isn’t in anyone’s way.

Today the weather is better. It has gotten up to 23 F and the sun is shining. A big improvement over the weekend.

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