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Must Stop Doing That

Last night I headed across the kitchen to turn off the radio.  I’m not sure how it happened but all of a sudden I found myself on the floor.  In thinking about it, I believe my feet slipped in my … Continue reading

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Frustration Update

After a week of frustration, I believe I have my phone and Internet problem solved — for now.  My earlier visit to my bank and a nearby AT&T store just added to my frustration.  The AT&T store was absolutely no … Continue reading

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I’m frustrated again.  I have AT&T Internet and phone service.  Earlier this week I got a message from them that my account needed attention.  I logged into the message and discovered a request for payment.  I sent the payment.  But … Continue reading

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Two blessings have unexpectedly come my way this week. One is cooler weather. With the lower temps has come rain. Last Friday we had a thunderstorm. I was surprised when I went out later to find a large branch from … Continue reading

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Playing Hookey

Jo-Ann’s had an Open House scheduled for today. Usually these are two hours long. Teachers are encouraged (expected) to attend in an effort to promote their classes. I go to most of them. But this morning I wasn’t feeling quite … Continue reading

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Anyone Still Here?

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages.  Not sure how or why the break occurred but I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I’ve a new thought I’ve been pondering.  I often have the radio on when … Continue reading

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