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Car Woes

It’s time to get my car license renewed. That means it must be safety inspected before I can gather up the required supporting papers and head off to the license bureau. So I started last week by taking the car … Continue reading

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Fun Evening

I went to the Symphony Friday night. My usual ticket is for Saturday but I had to miss one concert and exchanged that ticket for this Friday night. What a good choice that was! The overarching theme of the programs … Continue reading

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Successful Shopping

I carefully made a grocery shopping list. My idea was to get only the things I needed. Off I went to the store to pick up some prescriptions before heading to the supermarket. I debated leaving that chore for another … Continue reading

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Weird Noises

I’m sitting here at the computer and I keep hearing this weird noise. It sounds like a heavy object has fallen in the next room. However, I can see nothing that’s been moved in there. Don’t know what’s going on. … Continue reading

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Finding the Good in Bad News

Last night at church during the prayer request time, it was announced that Ruth Willey’s house had burned down. Where she lived is very prone to flooding so the house flooded. Then two days after it flooded, in the middle … Continue reading

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A Success is Satisfying

I was scheduled to teach a learn-to-knit class last evening.  I approached this with a bit of fear.  The last time I taught this class, the two students in it just didn’t “get it.”  I could not explain things so … Continue reading

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Flood Update

The latest flood update for my area is that some of the closed roads have been opened. I’ve never experienced living with closed highways, etc., and I’m a little surprised at the work involved in re-opening them. It’s not a … Continue reading

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