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Another Thought About Tails

I did a little research on tails. It seems that most tails are fly swatters. That’s their purpose.

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I’ve seen a commercial for Android that I really like. It shows a lot of pairs of animals doing various things. Watching that has caused me to think about tails. Most animals have them. But why?: What function do they … Continue reading

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Giving Away My Ticket

Thus weekend my church is having a missionary conference. Part of the festivities is a Taste of the World event this evening with a free meal, trivia, etc. Although the meal is free, you need a ticket. I’ve felt under … Continue reading

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Spring is Inching In

Our weather is slowly becoming more spring-like. This week the temps have been in the 50s during the day. However, today’s grey overcast makes it seem much colder than that. A sunny 50 seems ever so much warmer than a … Continue reading

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Meeting Old Friends

For a number of years, I’ve subscribed to a particular devotional book. One of my guilty pleasures is skipping around in its pages, reading first one bit and then another when I first get the book. Later, I settle down … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

I’m late posting to the blog because of more computer problems. I think I’ve got them sorted now. At least I hope so. Replacing the computer isn’t in my budget. The monthly travelogue was last Friday night. The topic was … Continue reading

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It’s Time

It’s time to get started on the income tax. I’ve made a teeny tiny start of gathering my papers together. But there are others I need to print from my computer. I still don’t have the new printer connected so … Continue reading

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