Thanks, Mother Nature

Mother Nature has turned cooperative yesterday and today.  It has warmed up into the 40s F and the snow is melting apace.  My yard is down to grass.  The only piles of snow are where snow plows left them.  The streets are clear if a mite wet so we owe a big thanks to Mother Nature for her help.

There’s a river about four miles from my house.  I crossed it this morning on my way to teach a knitting class and was surprised to see ice chunks floating in it.  Somehow that river freezing over had never occurred to me.  But when you have days of below zero temps as we did last weekend, it’s no wonder it iced over.  But that ice should soon be gone too given our weather improvement.

Last night was the travelogue at Washington U.  I’m embarrassed to say I fell asleep during it!  The topic was deserts and I must admit the part I heard was more interesting than other programs I’ve heard on deserts.  But the speaker’s voice was sort of a monotone and I really had to struggle to stay awake.  She focused on three deserts in the Middle East and then three in the Southwest of the U.S.  The Middle East ones were sand dunes and that dusty brown color I think of when I think of deserts.  The three she focused on in the Southwest U.S. were more rocky and, thus, more interesting to me. 

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