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Economic Indicator

In the county where I live, it is legal to sell and shoot fireworks. There are fireworks stands at almost every intersection along the highway that I drive to and from my home. Now, this isn’t a major interstate; it’s … Continue reading

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A Message from the Purple Sweater

Well, I’m not a complete sweater yet. But Charlotte did attach one of my sleeves. I’m still missing the other one and my sides are gaping open. Hopefully she’ll soon close me up. She did take me shopping this week. … Continue reading

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Is This A Suburb of You-Know-Where?

It is so hot here it’s almost unbearable. It is so hot that I’ve begun to wonder if I’ve moved to a suburb of that well-known hot spot we all want to avoid in eternity. To add to my discomfort, … Continue reading

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Where Spam Comes From

I have a spamblocker program on my computer which protects me from having to deal with a huge amount of spam. Some, though, ends up in a segregated folder as “suspect” mail and I can view it to determine if … Continue reading

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Knitters’ Guild Potluck Lunch

Today was the annual potluck lunch of the Knitters Guild. At first it didn’t look like very many people would be there. But eventually probably 100 folks had come. As usual at such events, we had a wealth of food … Continue reading

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Shoe Memories

The other day, Vicki ( mentioned she really didn’t have a thing for shoes like Imelda Marcos had. But she could see that she would like/could have a closet full of one particular brand of shoes. Her comments brought back some … Continue reading

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Purple Sweater is Annoying Me

This little purple sweater must be for a boy … it’s getting on my nerves just like a hyperactive two-year-old boy! I knit both fronts and was relatively pleased with them. Then I set about to seam the shoulders and … Continue reading

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Would a baby boy wear purple?

A week or ten days ago, maybe two weeks now that I think about it, I started a new knit project. It’s a baby sweater in a 12-month size and will go in my gift closet until the stork brings … Continue reading

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One Scarey Drive

Last night, as is my custom, I went to Bible Study at church. This month the pastor is teaching a series on Biblical prophecy which is proving to be very interesting. During the service, he mentioned someone had told him … Continue reading

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A Recipe Variation

When I was a girl, my mom sometimes made breaded pork steaks for supper. She would dip the pork steak in beaten egg and then in flour. It was then fried. These crusty pork steaks came out tender and delicious. … Continue reading

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