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SLSO Town Hall Meeting

Thursday night I attended the Town Hall meeting the St. Louis Symphony hosted. Attendance is by invitation. Most of the audience is on the stage but I got there right as it was starting so was instructed to sit on … Continue reading

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FOs, New Project, Priorities

I have two FOs! I’m so excited. Both are scarves. The first one is a diagonal knit scarf in a funky novelty type yarn or maybe you’d call it a kind of ribbon yarn. It has short pieces of other … Continue reading

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What’s in the air?

Have you ever wondered what’s in the air around you? Yesterday, as is my custom, I had my radio playing, more for background noise than anything else. But it suddenly occurred to me that the commentator was spewing lots of … Continue reading

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The difference three letters can make

I was reading in a devotional book the other day and the author of that day’s reading brought up something I hadn’t really considered. So often we say “yes, but” when asked to take on a project. “Yes, but” is … Continue reading

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Comfort of Small Rituals

I’ve been thinking about how we each have personal rituals which give us comfort. It could be something as simple as which sock we put on first. If, by chance, we change that, our day doesn’t go as well. We … Continue reading

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Reading Fun

I like to read. That’s one reason I volunteer to tutor first and second grade students who are struggling in learning to read. I feel that if I can help them see the fun in reading, they will work harder … Continue reading

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January Thaw Appears

Our January thaw has made an appearance.  The last three days the highs have been in the 40s which is a welcome change from the arctic cold we had been having.  Last night we had a forecast of freezing fog which was something … Continue reading

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Compassion Needed

A biblical phrase “bowels of compassion” has been running through my mind as I listen to news of the earthquake in Haiti. It is definitely time to be moved by the plight of the folks who live on this island … Continue reading

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Time To Be Counted

This is the year the U.S. does the census. It was suggested to me that I might like being a census worker. So I called the regional census office and made an appointment to take the test. I was a … Continue reading

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Film Mini-Vacation A Disappointment

Last night was the monthly travelogue at a local university. A few of us brave souls bundled up in our cold weather gear and ventured out to attend the program. Parking is in a garage and then we walk through … Continue reading

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