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Latest Knitting Class

Yesterday I taught a Kids’ Knitting class. I had two students, a pair of twin eight-year old girls. Grandmother brought them and sat in on part of the class. As she so correctly observed, they did better when she wasn’t … Continue reading

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It’s Starting

The firecracker season is starting.  The tents where the fireworks are sold have been going up on almost every corner.  It’s hard to realize how they all stay in business.  I guess there are lots of customers and a short … Continue reading

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Leg Cramps

I did a bit of research on what causes leg cramps on WebMD. Of the items listed there, the most probable one, for me, was the lack of potassium. I used to take a potassium supplement. But I slacked off … Continue reading

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Rude Awakening

My day started with a rude awakening. My leg cramped so much that I nearly cried. I’m not sure why it cramped like it did but I couldn’t seem to get rid of the cramp. Eventually it did ease up … Continue reading

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I’m pondering what causes someone to shoot innocent people such as occurred in Orlando last weekend.  What mental cramp makes them think such a thing is okay?  I’m thinking too about what punishment would be appropriate for the shooter.  I … Continue reading

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Attending Church A New Way

Sunday I overslept. There was no way I could rush around and get to church on time. Then I remember that we now livestream some of the services. So I logged in to the church’s website and, lo and behold, … Continue reading

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