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Breakfast Ideas

I’ve recently found two new breakfasts that I quite enjoy. One is pretty obvious … cereal. But it is a granola cereal and instead of using milk with it, I use yoghurt. The yoghurt I buy comes in four ounce … Continue reading

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Knitting Class

I had a knitting class this evening with two students. One was the education coordinator for the store which made me a little nervous, to be honest. She said she was taking the class because she didn’t know how to … Continue reading

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What A Shock!

I had called in a refill order on one of my prescriptions. When I got the call yesterday that it was ready to be picked up, I was told the price would be $275! I was sure there had to … Continue reading

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Computer Issues

I’ve just spent most of the day sitting here at the computer. I started getting weird pop-ups, etc. yesterday and spent most of today in a “live chat” with a technician to get rid of the problems causing them. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Not What I Expected

I was scheduled to teach a knitting class this afternoon. I turned up at the store and was pleased that the education coordinator was there. We had a nice chat about upcoming classes, some ideas for additional classes, etc. There … Continue reading

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What Did I See

I was on my way to the bank this morning and off to the side in an empty lot was a camel! I did a sort of double take but it was on the opposite side of the highway and … Continue reading

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It Missed Me

There seems to be a gene that prompts people to clean out cupboards. It missed me. I’ve read several blog posts about people who are downsizing and clearing clutter out of their lives. Even my friend who called the other … Continue reading

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