I Did It!

I stupidly spilled something on my computer keyboard the other day which pretty much killed the keyboard. The backspace and delete keys no longer worked at all and some of the other keys didn’t want to cooperate either. I had a new keyboard in the closet, left from when I bought this computer several years ago. I had an ergonomic keyboard with my old computer which I much preferred and had just used it when I got this computer.

So I took the new keyboard out. I no longer had the instructions on how to install everything but I figured it couldn’t be that hard. I just needed to unplug the old keyboard and plug the new one in that space. So that’s what I did. Hurrah! It works.

But I do miss that ergonomic split keyboard. I could type at breakneck speed on it. This keyboard is flat and I must pay extreme attention or I find myself typing gibberish. But that doesn’t detract from the sense of pride I have in accomplishing installing it.

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1 Response to I Did It!

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    For future reference – when you spill something on a keyboard, turn it upside down and shake it well, use a hairdryer on it, and let it sit for 24 hours. Often this routine will fix it right up. Congratulations on installing the new keyboard.

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