Being Lazy

I’m not sure if I’m inherently lazy or if this is one of the effects of a cold/sinus thing I’ve had since the Saturday after Christmas. But I can’t get interested in doing anything. I will read but naps are almost more appealing than a book these days.

My naps have led to some strange dreams. Last night/early this morning I was dreaming of doing the laundry! Honestly, I can’t ever remember dreaming of laundry before. Maybe the fact that I really should do some is contributing to my dreams. But I just can’t get interested in taking the dirty clothes to the washer and getting them clean.

Speaking of getting things clean, I took my winter coat to the cleaner. Right before all the bitter cold snowy weather, I dropped a barbecue sandwich on the front of my coat. I mopped it up the best I cold but it definitely needed the attention of the dry cleaner. She was horrified when she saw the coat but did agree to take it in. The price to get it back will be $26. I don’t know if she’s punishing me or if her prices have really gone up that much. The coat will be ready for pick-up today but I’m too lazy to drive over there to get it.

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