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Fashion News

Are stripes the “in” thing this spring? I noticed at the Women’s Conference that there were lots of stripes being worn. Vertical, horizontal, bias slanting, wide ones, narrow ones. Being a dressmaker’s daughter my eye was taken by the seams. … Continue reading

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Another Good Women’s Conference

Home from the Women’s Conference. It was another good conference. The speakers were excellent. It’s hard to imagine 1300 women sitting so still that you could have heard a pin drop as they listened. It appeared no one wanted to … Continue reading

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Name for What Ails Me

I finally saw my doctor this morning. The appointment was made several weeks ago. This was the earliest one I could get. So now I have a name for what ails me. She said my lungs seem clear but there’s … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend

This is Easter weekend. Do you have special plans? Last night (Good Friday) I attended a musical program at the First Baptist Church in Fenton. Their choir did the program. I was quite impressed with the quality of voices in … Continue reading

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Pondering Marathons

With all the coughing, sneezing, etc., I haven’t had much time to think about a blog post.  But the comments on the radio about the Boston Marathon have me pondering marathons.  Where did marathons get started?  When?  Who ran the … Continue reading

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Coughing Still and Taxes

I feel like I must have the plague! This cough which has been hanging around for the better part of two months decided I needed to reminded of what it feels like to try to cough up a lung. Seeing … Continue reading

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Spring is definitely making its presence known. My daffodils are blooming. They look so cheerful. They are planted near the base of the ornamental pear tree. It was a shock when I noticed that it appears to be dead. Since … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday

One of the blogs I read regularly posts a Ten on Tuesday topic. I rarely pay much attention other than reading her list but today’s topic caught my eye. She asked us what 10 foods go together. So here’s what … Continue reading

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Interesting Weekend

How is your weekend progressing? Mine is proving to be interesting. It started last night with the monthly travelogue. The subject was the Himalayas and the lecturers (there were two) were interesting. I did have a chuckle when I noticed … Continue reading

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More Progress

Well, I made a little more progress in my personal life. The annual Women’s Conference is coming later this month. I normally book my accommodation early in the year but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. That spate of illness … Continue reading

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