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Waterlogged Mini Vacation

We have had the wettest October since they began keeping records over 100 years ago. There are flood warnings out now. The ground is so saturated there’s no place for the rain to go but into the rivers. Last night a … Continue reading

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What’s Up with Typepad?

Like most people in blogland, I read a number of blogs each day. They are hosted on a variety of sites. Several weeks ago there was a flap on the blogs hosted by Typepad. It had something to do with … Continue reading

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To-Do List Tryanny

I like To Do lists. I find they help keep me focused on things which I should/need to get accomplished. But sometimes I think there’s a bit of tyranny in them. Take yesterday for example. I had quite a long … Continue reading

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Digital Magazines

What do you think about digital magazines? I receive digital newsletters from several publications. One, in particular, I subscribe to in its paper format. The magazines have gone to a digital format as well as the paper one. Each newsletter … Continue reading

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Disturbing News If True

As I mentioned in a previous post, I read a copy of the student newspaper while waiting for a concert to start. One of the articles in there was disturbing to me. According to the writer, all the countries involved … Continue reading

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Faded Fall Colors

I’ve been feeling the need for another mini-vacation. In lieu of one, I wanted to do something fun this past weekend but wasn’t sure what. I saw a sign on the highway that the Wild Bird Sanctuary was having an … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Antics

As I mentioned the other day, I never (or only rarely) use my cell phone. However, this week I was more or less forced to attempt to use it since my landline phone was not working. One day I had … Continue reading

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Earlier this week I read on an Internet website some tips on how to be frugal. The one that resonated with me was to buy a fresh pumpkin and process it rather than buying canned pumpkin. I’m sorry but I … Continue reading

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Frustrating Start to Week

This week got off to a frustrating start yesterday. To begin with, my landline phone in the kitchen is on the fritz again. It has no dial tone. So how do I report this to the phone company? Get out … Continue reading

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Trivia Night

A popular event in this area is a trivia night. Frequently they are fund-raising events. Last night I attended my first one. This was not a fund-raiser but a customer appreciation event by a company I do business with. Having … Continue reading

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