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Thankful or Grateful

I’m not really sure of the difference between thankful and grateful. Seems to me they are pretty closely related. One thing I do know is that I’m thankful/grateful (take your pick) for the person who invented air conditioning. I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Cell Phones

When did it become necessary for everyone to have a cell phone? Why is it so important that all of us be instantly available to anyone who wants to dial our number? I have a cell phone but I rarely … Continue reading

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Crochety Computer and Shoes

Sorry for the lateness of this post. It is due to my computer being crochety today. I’m on dial-up Internet access and when the weather is as unsettled as it’s been today, it doesn’t want to connect. DSL service is … Continue reading

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Becoming A Hermit

Like other areas of the U.S. we are experiencing very hot weather. The weather folk use words like heat advisory, heat alert, etc. when they give the forecast. St. Louis has opened cooling centers for those who don’t have air … Continue reading

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Did I Get A Promotion?

For several years now I’ve worked as an election judge at several elections each year. I’ve worked at three different polling places. Yesterday I got a call from the County Clerk’s office. I was asked if I could serve as … Continue reading

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Exercise Class Changes

The county health department sponsors exercise classes for seniors (primarily) at the local library. These PACE (People With Arthritis Can Exercise) classes are led by a health department employee. Currently we have a new instructor. She’s just completed her training … Continue reading

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Broken Promises

Fortunately, the broken promises I have in mind are all ones I made to myself, not to anyone else. I promised myself I would do this blog post early today. However, here it is hours later and I’m just now¬†getting … Continue reading

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