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Squirrels refuse to share tomatoes

Those pesky squirrels who took my “big” tomato have come back.  They very neatly picked all four of the small nickel size tomatoes off the other plant.  They absolutely refuse to share with me.  It has been suggested the reason they … Continue reading

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Summer eating

The temperature was in the mid 90s today and that prompted me to wonder about what to eat in this hot weather.  It seems too hot to cook, even with air conditioning.  Yet, the body needs food.  What do you … Continue reading

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Finally said, “I do”

No, I didn’t get married.  But I did say “I do” yesterday.  One of my part-time jobs is serving as an election judge.  Yesterday we had three hours of training in preparation for the upcoming primary election.  At the conclusion … Continue reading

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More good reads

The other day I wrote about some of my favorite authors.  I left quite a few out.  I can’t imagine a summer without reading Lillian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who books.  She has written a number of them and I … Continue reading

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A “Garden” Thief

I don’t really have a garden.  The ground in my yard is a mixture of clay and rocks.  It would probably take a jackhammer to break it up enough to plant anything in it.  So my “garden” is limited to … Continue reading

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Summer’s Pleasure

What is your summer pleasure?  One of mine is curling up with a good book.  I love to read, mostly light entertaining things which I check out from the library.  My local library limits you to 15 items on your … Continue reading

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Good thing I’m not a gambler

It’s a good thing I’m not a “real” gambler.  I’d lose everything, I’m sure. About 10 days or so ago I took a chance and ordered an item from the Something Store.  The premise is they charge your credit card for $10 … Continue reading

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For the want of four buttons

The baby sweater and cap for the Knitters’ Guild’s challenge is incomplete because the buttons I purchased are too big.  Consequently, I was unable to turn it in at the Guild meeting today.  Since I now have a month in … Continue reading

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Stretching your gasoline dollars

With gasoline prices as high as they are, I’ve been working on how to stretch my gasoline dollars.  My first tactic is similar to how I save money when I shop.  The best way to save money I’ve found is … Continue reading

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Two concerts in two days

I’ve attended two concerts in the last two days … or I should say evenings.  Sunday I attended the Gateway Orchestra concert held at Washington University.  This program took place in the Quad.  Folks brought their lawn chairs and set … Continue reading

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