Frustration Update

After a week of frustration, I believe I have my phone and Internet problem solved — for now.  My earlier visit to my bank and a nearby AT&T store just added to my frustration.  The AT&T store was absolutely no help.  What’s the point of these stores if they can’t solve the customers’ problems?

Yesterday I went to a different AT&T store.  It was busy and I had to wait for a little while until someone could help me.  But help was what I got.  As suspected, the electronic payment was never processed.  I was able to make my payment the old-fashioned way (with a check) at the store.  Within an hour my phone and Internet service was restored.

I did not get an answer to my question about why I could not reach anyone on AT&T’s 1-800 number.  The agent yesterday told me if I had a problem, I should just come to that store and they would fix it for me. I learned that not all AT&T stores re equal.  The one I visited yesterday was a “corporate” store and that’s why they were able to help me.


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I’m frustrated again.  I have AT&T Internet and phone service.  Earlier this week I got a message from them that my account needed attention.  I logged into the message and discovered a request for payment.  I sent the payment.  But I still can’t log into my email.  When I try to call them at the number listed in their message, I get “non-emergency calls from this number have been suspended.”  Pray tell how am I supposed to contact them if they won’t accept a call to their 800 number?  I’m sure this frustration isn’t good for my blood pressure.

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Two blessings have unexpectedly come my way this week. One is cooler weather. With the lower temps has come rain.

Last Friday we had a thunderstorm. I was surprised when I went out later to find a large branch from the maple tree next to the driveway lying in the drive. I was thankful it wasn’t on the roof but I pondered how I’d deal with it. I didn’t have any means to cut it up. The trash collectors are picky about picking up yard waste. Well, I thought, maybe I’ll just pull it out of the drive and leave it on the grass. Maybe the guys who cut the grass would take it away. I went to bed to sleep on the idea.

Imagine my joy the next morning when I discovered the branch was gone! I don’t know for sure but I suspect that the neighbor across the street came and collected it. He has a fire pit in his yard and earlier this summer asked if he could have some branches the roofer had left in my yard. One of my ideas for disposing of the branch had been to ask him if he wanted it so I’m quite happy with this solution to my problem.

The other blessing came yesterday. I had been waiting to get my check for working the election. It came yesterday. I knew how much it should be and had even figured that amount into my budget. What joy to discover that the raise we had sort of been promised had happened. The check was for $45 more than I expected.

I am indeed a blessed person.

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Playing Hookey

Jo-Ann’s had an Open House scheduled for today. Usually these are two hours long. Teachers are encouraged (expected) to attend in an effort to promote their classes. I go to most of them. But this morning I wasn’t feeling quite up to par so I called and left word that I wouldn’t be there. Today’s session is four hours and although I was told I wouldn’t have to stay for the entire time, I think that’s excessive since we are not paid to be there. I feel a delightful sense of playing hookey.

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Anyone Still Here?

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages.  Not sure how or why the break occurred but I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis.

I’ve a new thought I’ve been pondering.  I often have the radio on when I go to bed at night.  The other night when I woke up some time after falling asleep, I heard an ad for a local jewelry store.  That made me wonder … who is up at that hour of the night listening to ads?  I suppose the radio station has to sell ads regardless of the time it will run to bring in revenue.  But, honestly, who is the target customer?  Does the advertiser generate enough sales to justify the expenditure?


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What A Storm!

That was quite a storm we had yesterday!  The wind blew; rain slashed down; lightning and thunder cracked and rumbled through the air.  Lots of people were (still are) without electricity.  Thankfully, I’m not one of them but my lights flickered several times and I thought I was going to lose power.  Some of the older suburbs have streets that are tree-lined with big old trees.  Once the storm moved on eastward, the residents were out with chainsaws, etc., clearing up the debris left by the storm.  I noticed that the pole the electric wires are connected to down by the filling station is cracked almost in two.  I suppose that’s why the filling station was closed.  I wonder how long it will take for the pole to be replaced.

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A New Puzzle

I have a new thought to puzzle over. I was typing away the other day when I noticed how the letters are organized on the keyboard. I wondered who came up with this arrangement and why. Is it because that’s the most efficient use of your fingers? I’m not sure how to research this but I would like to know.

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