Sad Phone Call

Last week my friend, Ruth, called me. I wasn’t able to talk to her right then so I called her back later in the week. It was not a happy conversation.

Ruth has been/is going through some tough times. In December, her house flooded. Then it burned down. Then her husband of almost 60 years passed away. Her son has been very supportive and has moved her to a town near him. But she’s very unhappy. She wants to go “home.”

After our conversation, I was thinking about her situation. I really have no words of advice to give her since I’ve never gone through such an experience. It occurred to me though that she’s not only grieving the loss of her husband; she’s mourning the loss of her furniture and all the other things that were in her house.

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Why Is It So Hard?

I had to go to the lab this morning to get my lab tests done in prep for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. This requires fasting overnight. That isn’t a huge problem except it seems to dehydrate me something fierce. If the doctor wouldn’t order a urine test, all would be well. But she did.

For some reason, the lab won’t draw the blood until you’ve given the urine sample. Having “bashful kidneys” makes doing this awkward. Drinking a big glass of water before leaving home sometimes helps but not always. Today was one of the “not always” days. I made two different attempts. I visited the water fountain for more water.

While I waited for my innards to get with the program, I realized that almost every person was being asked for a sample. The technician nearly embarrassed a man — and me — to death when she announced, “Charlotte, you’re not the only one. He can’t pee either.” Eventually he went off to the public toilet where he’d have some privacy and was able to produce the required sample. For my third attempt, I, too used the public restroom and after prayer was able to produce the required sample.

Why is this so hard? On any normal day, I’ll need to use the restroom multiple times. But not on a lab test day.

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They’re Done

My taxes are finally done and filed with the respective government offices.  Yippee!  This is the first time I’ve ever had to do an filing extension so I’m glad my accountant is so accommodating.  I’ve received the notification that the electronic versions were filed so all is good on the tax front … especially since I didn’t owe any taxes!

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Another Night at the Symphony

Last Saturday night I went to the Symphony again. This program was one I exchanged a ticket for since I wasn’t able to attend the original program. The featured soloist was a timpanist. I wasn’t sure what to expect which is probably why I hadn’t bought the ticket originally.

It was a very unusual program. Entering the hall, your eye was immediately drawn to a “cage” type structure to the left of the conductor’s podium. In it were a number of timpani (kettle drums) arranged on the floor and more smaller ones hanging from what was very similar to a pot rack in a chef’s kitchen. I learned that those hanging ones were called tenor timpani.

The soloist played a concerto which had been written for timpani. It almost turned him into a whirling dervish since in places he had to spin around and almost blindly strike the proper drum. He also had to tune the drums and adjust pedals (think they allowed the tuning). I read later that he spent a year working on this piece.

The second half of the program was a Schubert symphony and soon had us back to familiar sounding music.

The concert was unusual for another reason. I have no idea why but it was a “beer and pretzel” program. There are a number of craft breweries in the area and they were giving away samples of beer and had smallish pieces of think pretzels on long picks. I enjoyed the pretzels while others enjoyed the beer.

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Frustration Eased

I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with my Internet provider.  Latest trick was my password would no longer work so I wasn’t able to access my email.  But, finally, today that appears to have corrected itself.  Feels so good to be able to get back online.

This morning I attended a funeral.  The deceased was the son of an old friend.  While the funeral was held here, the burial will be in Arkansas.  I felt so sorry for the parents.  They had already buried a daughter in Arkansas a few years ago.  It’s been years since I had seen any of the family members but the remaining daughters looked so much like their mother. there’s no way you could ever mistake them for anything but a family member.  The service was very nice.




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An Unsatisfactory Weekend

My weekend was not satisfactory.  I had purchased a ticket to the annual Women’s Luncheon at church.  This was being held Saturday at a nice Italian restaurant so I was looking forward to a good meal as well as an interesting speaker.  Alas and alack, I woke up with a very “sore” stomach and decided putting spicy Italian food in it would not be a good idea.  So I went back to bed and missed the  luncheon.

I had a ticket to the Symphony for Saturday evening.  I still wasn’t feeling all that great by the time I needed to leave so I skipped the concert.  I was able to exchange the ticket for a concert this coming Saturday.  One of the features of the upcoming concert is a percussion soloist so I’m thinking this may be a very interesting program.

Sunday I missed church because my arthritic feet were giving me all sorts of problems and I could barely walk.  They still hurt today but rain is in the forecast so I suppose that’s to be expected.


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I’m Back

Finally, my phone issues have been resolved.  That means I’m back online.  Just catching up on my blog reading has taken a great deal of time.  Soon I should be back to writing emails.

It feels good to be back online.

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