It seems like there’s a lot of suffering going on.  Hurricanes and earthquakes have brought unimaginable pain and suffering to many people.  I can’t begin to think how they find the will to try to put their lives back together.  On one blog I read, the writers have a shop where they sell various things including teeshirts.  One of their shirts bears the legend “Do what you think you can’t do.”  I suppose that what those who have been hammered by the weather do.

Keeping that in perspective makes me feel very petty to complain about my personal suffering.  About ten days ago I got the “itchies.”  I scratch until I bleed.  The itchies started on my hands but have traveled around.  I think the most annoying are the ones on my back/shoulder blades where I cannot reach to scratch them.  They make sleeping difficult.  I’ve been in contact with my doctor and have started taking Benadryl (Walgreen brand) but I’m  not sure it’s helping.  There’s no visible rash.  I haven’t eaten anything I’m allergic to so the itchies remain a mystery, one which makes me very miserable.

But at least I have light and water and so many things so many others are lacking.  I need to concentrate on that.









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A New Puzzle

I’ve been watching a lot of old British TV programs on YouTube this last month.  Mostly they are mystery programs.  But one thing I’ve noticed is that the cars have the side view mirrors mounted on the fenders, well in front of the windshield … or should I say wind screen since these are British programs.  At any rate I got to wondering if the same thing was true of American cars.  When were the mirrors moved back to just in front of the door?  Why were they moved?  Is it a safety feature?  I also noticed that the doors on the British cars open differently.

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Why Would It Matter

I’ve heard several ads recently which puzzle me.  One is for bed linens.  The line in the ad which puzzles me is “used by Presidents.”  Why should I care about what brand of bedding the President sleeps on?  Is that going to make them last longer or  be more comfortable on my bed?


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They Found More

The fireworks are going off like crazy.  I guess the shooters found some left over from the 4th or else maybe the tents had a big sale.  At any rate, I’m listening to fireworks going off tonight.  Wonder how long that will last.

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Good Thing They Called

I don’t always answer my phone since it is at one end of the house and I am frequently at the other.  So today I got a call and let it roll to voice mail.  I sure am glad the caller left a message.  Not everyone will.

The call was from the eye doctor’s office, reminding me of my appointment on the 21st.  For some crazy reason, although I have it noted on my calendar, I was thinking the appointment was for tomorrow.  Sure am glad I won’t be turning up a week early!  Although I suppose that would be better than being a week late.


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It Is Definitely Summer

It is definitely summer.  The  high temp is to be near 100 today,  The humidity is being a good friend and hanging out with the temp.  This makes me very thankful for air conditioning.  God bless the inventor of that!

It seems that every year when we reach this season, you read and hear people wondering how people coped in earlier times.  I have a couple of theories.  One is that people just got used to the heat.  No one had air conditioning so their bodies acclimated to the heat.

Another one of my theories is that there was a greater use of fans.  Women carried hand fans and used them to stir the air around them.  Moving air feels cooler, especially when aiding in evaporation of sweat.  Ceiling fans and window fans can also lower the temp in a room.

Houses had higher ceilings.  Hot air rises so the heat was higher in the room and not sitting on your head.

Do you have any theories?  What are they?

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Quieter This Year

I’m  happy to report that the fireworks were quieter this year.  It seems that the neighbors didn’t shoot them off as many nights as in previous years.  We only heard them for about a week.  They also didn’t shoot them off as late at night at some other years.

I’m not sure what this means.  Are my neighbors getting older and not as interested in shooting fireworks? Has budgetary constraints entered into the picture?  That doesn’t seem possible since the stands advertise “buy 1 get 4 free”.  How do they make any money at that price?

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