Snow For Birthday Gift

Today is my sister’s birthday. Guess what she’s getting for a gift … snow. When I called her to sing Happy Birthday to her, she said she heard we were to get an inch or two. A man in the bank this morning said 7 or 8 inches. I like my sister’s forecast better than his.

While I was out doing some errands, I felt snow hit my face. It was tiny fine flakes that you couldn’t really see but you could definitely feel. It will take a while for them to mount up to a measurable depth.

I’m concerned because the Youth at church have some social activities planned for this evening as part of Youth Week. I hate to think they will have to cancel those. If we get the 7 to 8 inches, church will no doubt be cancelled for tomorrow.

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Speedy Year

This year seems to be speeding past. Every year my church has Youth Week. I know this but didn’t realize it was here. When I went to what I expected to be regular Wednesday Bible Study, I was surprised to find I was at the opening night of Youth Week. How did this happen?

One feature of Youth Week is a guest speaker. The man invited this year is from Ohio and I must say is a most dynamic speaker. He’s also a good singer and sang some of the old hymns from my youth. That made this oldster happy.

I do hope the weather doesn’t keep me from attending the other nights. (“Elders” are encouraged to attend along with the youth.) We have snow today but I think it’s stopped now.

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Have A Heat Wave

This morning one of the people on the radio said we’re having a heat wave today. It’s suppposed to get up to 38 F. After being near zero at night the last few nights, I suppose it will feel like a heat wave. We shouldn’t get too excited, though, because it’s supposed to be down in the teens tomorrow night with snow. Winter in Missouri — changeable at best. Keeps us from getting bored I suppose.

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Being Lazy

Seems like I’ve spent this week being lazy. When I think of what I’ve accomplished, the only thing I can say for sure is that I attended the church business meetiing.. Other than that I’ve been reading some books I checked out from the library.

I was scheduled to teach a class at Joann’s last night but the weather forecast was for a winter storm to start just about the time I would be on the highway to get there. So I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done — I cancelled the class. As I get older, I get more skittish about driving in bad weather, especially when words like sleet, icy, freezing rain are included in the forecast. I was afraid that if I managed to get there, the student wouldn’t show up. Only one student was registered. So I called and cancelled the class.

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Travelogue to Taiwan

The monthly travelogue was Friday night. (For some reason, they have been off the regular schedule of first Friday of the month.) There was a pleasant surprise for us … free coffee, lemonaid, and cookies. The cookies were a delicious sugar cookie. It almost tasted like shortbread but was definitely a sugar cookie. On a cold winter night, the hot coffee really hit the spot.

The lecturer. Buddy Hatten, was excellent. Too bad that he announced this would be his last travelogue. I guess after 35 years of doing it, he’s entitled to change directions but we sure will miss him. His programs are always excellent … good background information, excellent photography and lots of good humor. I had never considered traveling to Taiwan but he showed us the beauty of the island in such a way that a trip there seemed like a possibility … a remote possibility for me but it suddenly seemed like a desirable place to visit.

Saturday was, of course, Valentine Day. How could I let it go by without some chocolate. I have no one to buy it for me so when I went to the library late in the afternoon, I stopped in at the drugstore and bought some. It’s yummy!

At the library, I ran into the young man from my church who has a cleaning business. He has the contract for cleaning the library. He told me his father had a heart attack the night before and was in the hospital. He to have two stents. He didn’t want his wife to call an ambulance so she drove him to the hospital. She went through one area known for its police force stopping driver if even looked like you were speeding or didn’t have your seat belt fastened. Said she did 65 mph through there but didn’t see one policeman. She wanted one to stop her so maybe they’d escort them to the hospital.

In looking at the death notices in the paper today I saw that a man I used to work with 30+ years ago has passed away and a doctor I went to a few years ago has also passed away. Not a cheery way to start the day.

Now I’m waiting for the forecasted snow to start. According to the radio it will snow all night and tomorrow with an accumulation of up to eight inches. It hasn’t started yet. I just wonder if the trash collector will come tomorrow if the snow really does come. I hesitate to put my trash can out. I guess I can wait to see if/when the snow starts. It’s running a little late. Given the uncertainty, church service tonight was cancelled.

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I got a copy of an internal email from my local car dealer. A note was written on it that I should call or stop by the dealership ASAP. What was this all about?

I called today and discovered they want to build up their pre-owned inventory. Would I be interested in selling them my car and buying a new one? My car is 10 years old so I’m a little puzzled why they want to buy it. I will say that it looks as good as new after it’s visit to the body shop recently so they’d probably give me a better price for it.

But the answer to their question is no. The price they quoted me for the new car was ‘way out of my price range. They didn’t say how much they’d pay for my car. So, since my car still runs well, and looks good, I’m going to keep driving it.

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Why Take the Class

I was scheduled to teach a knitting class last night. The topic was a braided cable headband. I had three students … the education coordinator and two young girls. I really don’t understand why the girls took the class. They knew how to knit; their mother had gone over things with them the night before. They really didn’t need my help at all!

Everyone made good progress on their headbands. I had started mine at the Open House on Saturday and was able to complete it tonight. I just need to sew two buttons on it.

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