Giving Thanks

Here are some things about thanks from my pastor’s Bible study last week:

Giving thanks is a Christ characteristic. When Jesus gives thanks, He is exampling our dependence on God and the importance of humanity giving “thanks” to deity.

Make thanks a priority. Put God first on the thanks list; make thanks first on your prayer list; make thankfulness a foundation block of life.

Make thanks a habit.

Thanks can be a sacrifice. Sacrifice is intentional. It means loss, cost and surrender. Being thankful can cost us our feelings, preferences, priorities, pride, etc.

Thanks is associated with prayer and praise. Allow your faith, God’s power and goodness and your thankfulness to shape your worries into prayer, praise and thanks.

Thanks is associated with physical and emotional stability. Thankfulness is a powerful antidote for many of the emotional and physical problems of life. You can’t keep a thankful person down or an unthankful person propped up.

We do not have to be thankful for every situation but in every situation we can always find something to be thankful for and that will produce peace, rest and joy.

A grateful heart acknowledges God’s gift of giving us what we don’t deserve and NOT giving us what we DO deserve.

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday.

Gratitude consists of focusing on what you have rather than on what you don’t.

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

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Making Progress

I’m making progress on getting ready for Christmas.  I almost can’t believe it.

In my family we changed how we “do” Christmas a couple of years ago.  Now we only buy gifts for the younger children (five of them) and then draw names among the adults, seven of us.  The name drawing is done on Thanksgiving.

For years I did my Christmas shopping year-round.  Then at Christmas I’d get out the gifts I had stashed and sort out who got what.  This spread the expense of Christmas out over the year.  Plus it was always fun to see what I had stashed in the gift closet.  The new scheme makes it harder to do this since you don’t know whose name you’ll draw.

But yesterday I managed to purchase the gifts for the children.  I was armed with coupons and sale ads.  I feel so proud of myself.  Now I just have to wrap those and I’ll be almost ready for Christmas Day.  I can turn my attention to making my Christmas list for whoever draws my name and then once that’s done, give some attention to Christmas cards.  I’ll probably send a mixture of paper cards and e-cards to save on the expense of sending cards.





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Please, not yet

I couldn’t believe my ears yesterday.  The weather forecast was being given on the radio and it included the word snow.  According to the forecaster, there’s a possibility  of snow on Saturday.  Granted, it’s to be mixed with rain which should make for a nice slushy mess for all the shoppers to track in and out of stores, cars, and their homes when they’re finished.  I’m not ready to deal with snow.

Something else I’m just about ready to finish dealing with is medical insurance decisions.  I have another meeting this afternoon to go over yet another plan before I make a decision.  This meeting is held at a nearby restaurant and I expect we’ll be offered a free dessert in thanks for coming to the meeting.   At least I hope we’ll be given dessert.

Also on my agenda for this afternoon is a trip to the dry cleaners and then the grocery store.  I need to do my monthly shopping.  I learned this morning that we’re having Thanksgiving at my niece’s  and I’ve sent her an email asking what I can bring.  I’d like to hear from her before I go to the grocery so maybe I’ll come home from the insurance meeting and check my email before going to the supermarket.

What are your plans for your day?


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I’m just numb from the news from Paris. I don’t understand why killing innocent people is seen as the solution to whatever problem you are facing. This is kind of like I felt when 9/11 happened. All I know to do is pray for those who were injured, who have lost their loved ones and for the officials who must deal with the aftermath that they may be given wisdom.

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It’s Too Early

Yesterday as I drove down my street to run an errand I did a doubletake. A big house has all (at least I think it’s all) their Christmas lights up. It’s too early for Christmas lights. The people in the subdivision who decorate for Halloween have barely put those decorations away.

To give the early decorators a break, the weather had been mild last week and maybe they wanted to get their lights up without freezing their fingers off. Even if that’s the case, they didn’t have to turn them on. It’s a very visible reminder that I need to think about gifts and cards. I get uptight just at the thought of all the holiday work to come.

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Yesterday was a time of discouragement.  I had a library book that was due.  I took it to the library and left it in the book box container, sort of like a mailbox, in front of the library.  Today I got an email from them that the book is overdue.  It was an automated message so I couldn’t reply to it.  I wonder when they empty that box. Oh, well, if they fine me, I’ll just have to pay it.

Then I was scheduled to teach a learn to knit class at Joann’s.  I wasn’t able to use the classroom because there was a quilting class in there.  Thankfully, I had gotten to the store early and found someone to help me move a table to the selling floor and some chairs so we could do the class out there.  The first student arrived on time but the second was about 15 minutes late.  We got started.  I like to start the class with teaching them how to read a yarn label.  There’s a wealth of information on them IF you know how to read them.

Then we tackled learning to cast on our stitches.  Admittedly, this is a difficult maneuver to learn.  But we persevered and eventually one of them got it — I think.  The other one appeared to get it but she kept ripping out and starting over so I’m not sure she ever did catch on.  Our next challenge was the knit stitch.  No matter how often I repeated the instructions or the demo of how to perform those instructions, they didn’t get it.  When this happens, I’m left feeling really inadequate as a knitting teacher.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve taught other people; why can’t I explain this so these two students can understand and perform?

The monthly travelogue at Washington University is normally the first Friday of the month.  I left Joann’s and speeded up the highway to get there.  I was going to be a bit late, probably arrive during the intro to the program but, wait, why is the parking garage so empty?  Where is everyone?  I got out my season pass and checked the date.  The program this month is on the second Friday.

I was so discouraged.  Not only could I not teach my class, I couldn’t even get the date right on the travel program.  Do you have days like this?

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Time Change

I’m not a great fan of the time change.  I don’t like looking out at 4:30 to find it getting dark already.  Oh, well, in a few weeks we’ll have the shortest day behind us and the days will gradually get longer so the light will stay.

Today I heard a sound outside I don’t think I’ve ever heard in November … a lawnmower was going.  I looked out and, sure enough, the lawn service I use was cutting my grass.  That’s a sign of how mild the weather has been that the grass needed cutting in November.

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