Scarf Done

I needed to knit a class sample for a class I’ll be teaching at Joann’s. I’m glad to report it is finished except for weaving in the ends. It was done in a sort of rib pattern which was easily memorized that produced a lovely thick scarf. I just hope it inspires a number of people to sign up for the class.

The next class I’m scheduled to teach is a loom knitting class. I’ve never knit on a loom but I have a set of them. I looked up some YouTube videos yesterday and I think I’ll be able to handle the class okay. I want to start a project on one of my looms before the class to make sure I’ve understood the videos.

We’ve had some cooler days which certainly make knitting appealing. Are you knitting anything now?

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Last night as I was leaving to go to church, I encountered a painful episode. I was backing out of the driveway when I spied something coming up the street. I couldn’t tell what it was. I just knew it was big with lots of bright, bright lights. Was it an emergency vehicle? Should I pull back in the driveway?

When it got closer, I determined it was one of those big trucks, the kind that sit high off the ground with at least six or maybe eight headlights. They were a bright blue-ish white light that is really painful to look at. I’m not sure why anyone would need so many lights on a truck that wasn’t an emergency vehicle. Since I’ve had eye surgery this year, those kind of lights hurt my eyes. I’m not sure but it seemed like that driver had them on “bright” in addition to having so many.

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Quiet Day

It’s been a very quiet day here.  Now it’s thundering in preparation for rain so that’s disturbing the quiet a bit.  I haven’t even heard any traffic noise.

I’ve been working on  a sample for a knitting class which is scheduled for Joann’s in a month or two.  We’re having an Open House this weekend and the goal is to have the scarf finished by then so customers can see what they’ll be knitting if they sign up for the class.  It’s an easy enough pattern but since it’s knit on U.S. 13 needles, it makes my hands cramp.  Since the yarn is a bulky weight, the scarf is nice and thick.  I should think it will be warm, tucked around your neck.

Need to get back to work …

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Travel by Blog

As I’ve posted here already, I don’t think I’m going to be able to take a trip this year.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not traveling.  I’m just doing it by blog.

I’m traveling on the Camino in Spain with a blogging couple.  With only a camera phone, the woman is taking some wonderful photos.  She not only shoots the scenery, she shoots the interiors of churches, meals they eat and the rooms where they stay.  I admire their commitment to this retirement activity.  Both retired this year and I’m only assuming this pilgrimage was on their bucket list.  Given my arthritic hips and legs, I don’t think I’d ever be able to attempt it.  But I can “walk” along with them.

Another blogger I follow is walking in Ireland.  She doesn’t post as often but her pictures are also outstanding.  I admire people who take on the challenge of hiking in such rugged areas.  This is another trip I’d never be able to take in person but I don’t have to … she’s taking me along with her via her blog.

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Symphony Concert

This past weekend was the Gala Opening of the Symphony Orchestra’s season. I had a ticket to the Saturday night concert. I’m not sure why but it started 30 minutes later than normal. The theme for this season is “Music Tells The Story” and evidently we’re going to be exposed to lots of new — at least to me — stories. I had never heard of any of the composers whose music was played Saturday night.

The soloist was Joshua Bell, a violinist. I was looking forward to hearing him since I’ve read of him. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed. He must not have been standing in the “soloist spot” on the stage. There is a microphone suspended from the ceiling and, normally, the soloist stands under it. Maybe the mic wasn’t turned on. But for whatever reason, in spots his playing was so quiet I couldn’t hear him. He did receive a standing ovation and played an encore which was nice.

Before playing the encore, he spoke about the piece and said it was in memory of someone. Again, his voice was so quiet, I couldn’t hear all of what he had to say. I haven’t seen a review of the concert in the newspaper or online so I don’t know if my problems in hearing were mine alone or if others also struggled.

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Buying Books

Do you buy many books?  Where do you get them?

I have found my local Dollar Tree store to be a source for some interesting books.  I read one I got there that was about raising dairy goats.  Another was on keeping bees.  I’ve also found autobiography books that I’ve enjoyed.  And they only cost $1!  Doubt you could beat that price on Amazon and it’s certainly cheaper than Barnes & Noble although I do like that store too.

I’ve recently begun another book from Dollar Tree.  This one is The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron.  I’ve only read the first chapter so far but in looking through the book,. it appears the premise is that you can change your eating habits through writing.  The first chapter deals with Morning Pages.  These are three pages you write first thing in the morning.  Whatever pops in your head, you write down.

Have you ever heard of this approach?  Have you tried it?  What kind of results did you achieve?

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Another Grandparents’ Day

Tomorrow is another Grandparents’ Day at church. This is usually a “fun” service with speeches by some of the youngsters about their grandparents as well as a choir made up of grandparents. It starts with a continental breakfast for the grandparents and usually they all get a small gift. Since I’m not a grandparent, my role is more that of a spectator rather than a participant. Still, I enjoy the service.

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