Yesterday I got lost.

I went to the bank to cash a check. At my bank you have to show a photo ID. I looked in my purse for my wallet and it wasn’t there. So I headed back home to get it although I couldn’t remember taking it out. At the last stoplight I spotted it on the floor where it had fallen.

Back to the bank. Making a U-turn wasn’t the best idea so I turned on a street that leads to the back way to the shopping area where the bank is located. But somehow I managed to make a wrong turn. I was on a twisty narrow road I had never seen before. I just kept going, turning in the direction I thought would eventually get me to the highway. No such luck.

I eventually came to a road I recognized and thankfully headed to the bank, several miles away. I have no idea how or where I made the wrong turn. I doubt I could do that again. I think maybe I should study my map book of the county and see if I can figure it out.

Could I call it a mini-mini-vacation day since I went for a ride in the country?

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Updates and Ponderings

I talked to my sister yesterday. Her husband is doing some better. He has a series of doctor appointments for next week with a variety of different specialists. In the meantime, their daughter has bought a new vacuum and pillow covers to help lower the allergen levels in the bedroom.

New pondering … why do so many kitchens have a window over the sink? Is it so the mother can keep an eye on the children outside in the yard? Is it just to let light into the kitchen?

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Scare for Brother-in-Law

My sister and her family have had a scare the last few days. Her husband has asthma and allergies. He’s been having bad episodes where he can’t breathe. He’s been to two emergency rooms and to his own doctor. He’s afraid to sleep because he thinks he might not wake up. Anxiety contributes its own set of symptoms. Our hot weather probably doesn’t help. Thankfully, it’s a little cooler today./

Other than praying for him, I don’t know what to do. I do know that prayer changes things. I’m reminded of the sermon Sunday — “Put Jesus in Charge.” That’s what we need to do.

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Work Day

This morning was a work day at my house. The other females in the family showed up to help me with the housecleaning. This was really nice of them. They worked about four hours. They (we) didn’t get as much accomplished as I had hoped but it is so nice to see the trash cans filled and waiting for collection. There’s more work left for me to do but I’m grateful that I don’t have to do it all.

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Stood Up

Saturday night I was stood up — again!

I was scheduled to teach a knitting class at JoAnne’s.  I turned up.  The class coordinator was there and said my class would have to take place out on the selling floor but she was waiting to move the table out there.  She had a quilt class which was to start an hour after my knitting class.

Well, we waited.  No student showed up to take a knitting class.  The coordinator said they had moved the class several times for this student and since she didn’t show up Saturday night, if she wants to take it again, she’ll have to pay for it again.

It wasn’t a total loss for me.  She processed the paperwork so I got paid part of the fee just because I showed up.

But I’m left with questions.  Why didn’t the student come?  Why didn’t she call to say she couldn’t make it?  Does she really want to learn to knit?

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Who Knew?

I’ve been concerned about getting my roof replaced.  It’s not leaking.  But I’ve lived in this house 15 years and I’ve no idea how old the roof is.  I know that getting it replaced will have to be done.  So I had a contracter come and give me an estimate.  To say I was shocked is an understatement.  I had no idea that roofs had gotten so expensive.  Of course, the last time I replaced on was probably at least 30 years or more ago and it is inevitable that the price would have gone up.  I just didn’t expect it to have gone up that much.

This is just a normal home maintenance project so my home owner’s insurance isn’t involved.  A number of houses in the subdivision are getting new roofs so I wonder if when the workmen get on the roof they will find some kind of storm damage that insurance would cover.  At least I have good credit and have been approved for a loan to pay for the roof.

Best of all, the roof isn’t leaking.  Given all the rain we’ve had — and continue to have — this year, that is a blessing and I’m grateful.

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Happy Fourth

Happy birthday to the U.S. What are you doing to celebrate? I have no plans for today but I hope to go to a concert tomorrow evening. It’s to be held on the Quad at Washington University. I don’t know that it is a particularly patriotic concert but it will be good to go. The Gateway Festival Orchestra will be performing. I haven’t been to one of their concerts in several years. We aren’t having an evening service at church tomorrow night so this will give me a chance for another bit of vacation. I must look out my lawn chair and decide if I want to take a picnic supper with me.

The annual Fair St. Louis is being held at Forest Park yesterday and today. I have no desire to get in the huge crowds that attend this affair. A quiet time at home is more to my liking although last night wasn’t totally quiet. My neighbors found their fireworks. I expect more of them will be shooting them off tonight. I’m not sure why they wait until 10 p.m. to shoot them off and they were still going strong after midnight.

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