Frustration Eased

I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with my Internet provider.  Latest trick was my password would no longer work so I wasn’t able to access my email.  But, finally, today that appears to have corrected itself.  Feels so good to be able to get back online.

This morning I attended a funeral.  The deceased was the son of an old friend.  While the funeral was held here, the burial will be in Arkansas.  I felt so sorry for the parents.  They had already buried a daughter in Arkansas a few years ago.  It’s been years since I had seen any of the family members but the remaining daughters looked so much like their mother. there’s no way you could ever mistake them for anything but a family member.  The service was very nice.




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An Unsatisfactory Weekend

My weekend was not satisfactory.  I had purchased a ticket to the annual Women’s Luncheon at church.  This was being held Saturday at a nice Italian restaurant so I was looking forward to a good meal as well as an interesting speaker.  Alas and alack, I woke up with a very “sore” stomach and decided putting spicy Italian food in it would not be a good idea.  So I went back to bed and missed the  luncheon.

I had a ticket to the Symphony for Saturday evening.  I still wasn’t feeling all that great by the time I needed to leave so I skipped the concert.  I was able to exchange the ticket for a concert this coming Saturday.  One of the features of the upcoming concert is a percussion soloist so I’m thinking this may be a very interesting program.

Sunday I missed church because my arthritic feet were giving me all sorts of problems and I could barely walk.  They still hurt today but rain is in the forecast so I suppose that’s to be expected.


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I’m Back

Finally, my phone issues have been resolved.  That means I’m back online.  Just catching up on my blog reading has taken a great deal of time.  Soon I should be back to writing emails.

It feels good to be back online.

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Stopping By For A Chat

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d stop by for a little chat. I’ve been having problems with my phone which also affects my Internet connection. At the moment I can’t make any outgoing phone calls which is most annoying. On top of that, unless I’m right on top of the phone when it rings so I can answer it, it won’t go to my answering machine.

Tuesday I worked as an election judge. I’m so glad we have the county clerk we do because we had no problems. The new tablet voting machines for registering the voters worked like a dream. Our county was the only one in the state using them. The neighboring county didn’t have enough paper ballots for their election and may end up having to do a do-over.

In addition to my phone woes, I lost my door keys. I knew they were somewhere in the house but it’s taken me at least three days to find them. At last I found them this morning so that’s one worry I can put to rest.

This morning I taught a learn-to-knit class. I had four students and, sadly, they struggled. That always makes me feel like a failure but I think if they persist, they will make it, especially since they were already asking about the next knitting class to take! I told them knitting was sort of like the old joke “How do you get to Carnegie Hall … practice, practice, practice.”

My other major project this week has been working on my income taxes. I can’t find one of the supporting papers I need.l Given my phone woes, I’m not sure what to do about that. I plan to take everything to the accountant on Monday and hope for the best.

Last night I took myself to Olive Garden for dinner. They were doing a fund-raiser with the local high school. I wasn’t aware of it but was glad to participate. I had a delicious meal of eggplant parmesan, spaghetti, salad and breadsticks with iced tea. I used some of my gift cards to pay for my meal.

I hope to get my phone troubles sorted soon so I can get back to more regular posting … and getting and sending emails.

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A Night Out

Last night was a night out.  I went to the Symphony.  The program was one I wasn’t sure I’d like but it turned out to be most enjoyable.

I had another issue with my stomach Friday night but hadn’t had any episodes for most of the afternoon so felt I could chance going to the Symphony.  Traffic was terrible and I didn’t think I’d make it before the concert started.  Thankfully, I got there with just a few minutes to spare and was able to get to my seat before the music started.  The man who normally sits behind me was there; first time I’ve seen him all season.  He was his usual friendly self but we didn’t have time to chat since I was so late.

About mid-way through the Mahler symphony which was the last half of the concert I realized I needed to leave to go to the restroom.  The ushers were so helpful.  They got me a chair so I could watch on the monitor in the lobby … after three trips to the restroom … and then my favorite usher went inside at the end of the concert and retrieved my purse and coat for me.  I just prayed I’d be able to get home before needing the restroom again.  I did.

The soloist for the concert was Susanna Phillips.  I really looked forward to hearing her but, alas and alack, they didn’t have her microphone set up so she could be heard.  I could hear her much better in the lobby watching the monitor.  In the concert hall I began to wonder if I need a hearing aid.  I get ads for one in the mail almost every week.  My experience in the lobby convinced me that her mic was the problem, not my hearing.


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Fashion Question

When is it time to wear white shoes? The other day my sister commented she hadn’t gotten a white purse for Easter. I told her you don’t wear white until Memorial Day. She said the correct start date for white accessories is Easter. When do you start to wear white accessories? Do these fashion “rules” even matter?

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Sympathy Needed

My friend, RuthW, could use your sympathy.  At Christmas time her house was flooded.  Three days after the flood, it caught fire and burned down.  They lost everything.  Her son and his wife live near the Lake of the Ozarks so she and her husband went to stay with them until other housing could be arranged.  A  house was found and it looked like things were improving.  Alas, her husband had a heart attack and now has died.  His funeral is tomorrow.  He’s a veteran and is to be buried in the local military cemetery … if they can prove he’s a veteran.  Of course, his papers were lost in the house fire.  If anyone needs sympathy and support, it’s Ruth.

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