Catching Up With Friends

Tuesday I had lunch with some of the women I went to high school with. It was a great time to catch up on their news. I’m a littlel concerned about one of them. She didn’t look well to me but she was at the opposite end of the table so there was no opportunity to catch up with her. I got amused at one point as the general conversation seemed to turn to a pain and ache discussion. But, thankfully, we didn’t stay on that topic for long.

I was interested in how many of them have had cataract surgery, especially since I’m facing that now. Given that we were in the same class in high school, I would guess we’re all about the same age. My eye doctor told me that “age” is what causes cataracts so I guess I’m blessed to have avoided them this long. I saw the surgeon today and he said a prime cause is UV light so wear your sunglasses!

One topic which was discussed at length was one of the women’s relationship with a gentleman. The husband of one of the women had tasked her with finding out if the couple had broken up. Turns out they had. Another woman asked if they had been together for a long time and I nearly fell off my chair when she answered, “23 years.” Good heavens! That made mne wonder why they had never married. She did say there were some break-ups during the period but still … 23 years.

We sat in the restaurant for over two hours. After we left, I went to the school where I had volunteered earlier in the year to return Christian’s story journal. The school seemed awfully quiet and I didn’t see anyone other than the school secretary that I knew. But it was good to get that journal off my mind.

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Getting Things Done!

I picked up my tax papers from the accountant on Monday.  I didn’t owe any taxes!  Today I got the electronic notification that my taxes had been submitted and accepted by the IRS.  Glad to have that job behind me.

Wednesday I went to the eye doctor for my annual check-up.  I went to a different eye doctor this time.  I was a little surprised when he said I have cataracts which are ready to be removed.  Yikes!  Not sure how I feel about that.  I asked him what caused them and he said “age.”  Guess that’s what I get for living so long.

His office got right on it and made an appointment with a consultant to see about the surgery.  With my particular insurance, I need a referral from my primary care doctor.  Before I could call that office and request it, the consultant’s office had called me to make sure I was following up on the referral.  Several phone calls later, that was done.

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Something To Think About

I went to the Symphony on Saturday night. As I sat there watching the conductor, I got to wondering about how the tail coat is constructed. I suspect it must be tailored individually. Otherwise I don’t see how he can wave his arms about and always have the coat settle perfectly on him. There were no lines where seams were pulling.

Another thing I got to thinking about was the fitness program a conductor must follow. I can’t imagine standing there, holdling my arms up and waving them around like that. Makes me tired to just think about it. A conductor has to be fit to do that.

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South of the Border

Last night was the monthly travelogue. This time we traveled south of the border, down Mexico way. But rather to my disappointment, we didn’t visit the beach resorts or ancient ruins. Instead we wandered around in the Sierra Madre mountains. What rugged landscapes! I can’t imagine why you’d want to go some place where there are very few roads or people or much of anything except another rough mountain. Our lecturer did the trip in a plane so most of the shots were from the pilot’s view. I gathered from his comments that most of the people were involved in mining of some sort or the other. But there weren’t all that many people. I did wonder where he got petrol for the plane since landing strips were few and far between with no visible services that I could see. I’m thankful that’s one trip I will not be required to take.

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We’ve been having some fierce storms lately. The rain comes in downpours. The lightning is fierce and so bright it hurts your eyes. Of course, thunder rolls in accompaniment. Hail decides to participate. In this morning’s newspaper, there’s a picture of a car with its rear windshield broken by a hailstone that was tennis ball size. Fortunately, that occurred about 50 miles or so south of me but the sight of the picture made me so very thankful for my garage. The hail which has fallen in my area has been smaller. Tuesday the only phone calls I got were messages from the Code Red Weather Warning folk. In addition to the severe thunderstorms, I got flash flood warnings. I noticed last night as I drove to church that the Meramec River was a lot higher than it had been the last time I crossed it. I imagine it’s still higher today.

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Election Day

Today is Election Day here in Missouri. For some unknown to me reason, I wasn’t asked to work at the polls. Guess maybe I should follow up with the county clerk about that. At any rate, when I turned up to vote, I noticed there were fewer judges than normal.

There were only three items on the ballot … school board candidates, a tax increase, and a candidate for something else. Didn’t take long to fill out my ballot. Sadly, the school board candidates did very little campaigning so it was almost like eeny meeny on those offices. The big issue was the tax increase and there was plenty of campaigning about that.

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Happy Easter

Best wishes for a happy Easter. I trust the real message of Easter isn’t buried under chocolate candy and dyed eggs.

Friday night I attended a music program at First Baptist Church in Fenton. This church has an excellent music program. Their adult choir sang several numbers. The youth choir did a few as well including one which was signed while they sang. In addition, they have a handbell choir which played two numbers.

Interspersed between the songs were short presentations by nine people who were part of the original Easter story: Mary Magdalene, the disciple on the road to Emaeus, Thomas the Doubter, etc. I’m not sure but the program seemed to indicate that the pastor wrote the speeches and I believe his wife is the choir director who coordinated the music. One thing I like about her is that she involves all the choir members in smaller ensembles, etc. It doesn’t appear to me that she plays favorites.

Today at my church we had an almost overflow crowd which was nice to see. In addition to some excellent musical numbers, two people were baptised at the conclusion of the service. The morning service was followed by an egg hunt for the under third-graders. Everyone who attended was given a small box filled with Easter candy.

I hope your Easter has been blessed. Remember, He is risen!

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