I’ve seen a commercial for Android that I really like. It shows a lot of pairs of animals doing various things. Watching that has caused me to think about tails. Most animals have them. But why?: What function do they serve? Why are some tails long and others short and skinny?

Do you ever ponder topics like this?

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Giving Away My Ticket

Thus weekend my church is having a missionary conference. Part of the festivities is a Taste of the World event this evening with a free meal, trivia, etc. Although the meal is free, you need a ticket.

I’ve felt under the weather all week and have thought for the last couple of days I should give up my ticket. Finally, an hour or so ago, I called the church and said if someone needs a ticket, let them use mine. I was amazed when I was told they have 300 people coming. Our fellowship hall isn’t that big so I’ve no idea where they’re going to put them all.

I sort of regret not getting to taste all the items from around the world but my mouth is sore from fever blisters so I don’t know if I would enjoy them. I’m better off staying home.

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Spring is Inching In

Our weather is slowly becoming more spring-like. This week the temps have been in the 50s during the day. However, today’s grey overcast makes it seem much colder than that. A sunny 50 seems ever so much warmer than a grey wet 50.

But still spring is on a gradual march. How can I tell? My daffodils are starting to come up in the back yard. The forsythia is trying to put out buds. And a robin was inspecing the yard … for worms, maybe?

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Meeting Old Friends

For a number of years, I’ve subscribed to a particular devotional book. One of my guilty pleasures is skipping around in its pages, reading first one bit and then another when I first get the book. Later, I settle down and read it as intended, one devotional each day.

Yesterday I got the volum for 1995 out and started reading in it. It was like meeting old friends. There were people in there I hadn’t read or “heard from” in years. I wonder what they’re doing now.

Have they stopped writing devotionals? Are they writing other things? What’s going on with the children they mentioned back in 1995? Guess it’s time to Google them and see what I can learn.

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Odds and Ends

I’m late posting to the blog because of more computer problems. I think I’ve got them sorted now. At least I hope so. Replacing the computer isn’t in my budget.

The monthly travelogue was last Friday night. The topic was ancient America. The lecturer had pictures of and talked about ancient civilizations in America, starting in the East. It seems most of the people in that area were mound builders. I was pleased he included Cahokia Mounds which are nearby in Illinois.

After intermission we moved to the Southwest where the native people lived in cliff dwellings. I know this area holds a lot of fascination for some people but I find it terribly uninteresting and drab to look at. It made my legs hurt to think of the climbingg necessary to see the things he showed us in the pictures.

Sunday I celebrated my sister’s and her husband’s birthdays by taking them to lunch at Cracker Barrell. We like this restaurant with its country style meals. My sister and I had the Sunday chicken speciall while my brother-in-law got the big breakfast meal. We finished off the meal with an apple dumpling which was a more than adequate replacement for birthday cake.

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It’s Time

It’s time to get started on the income tax. I’ve made a teeny tiny start of gathering my papers together. But there are others I need to print from my computer. I still don’t have the new printer connected so I suppose that should be the first order of business. I’m not sure I can print them at the library but I may investigate that possibility the next time I’m at the library.

Doing the income tax is not something I particularly enjoy. But it must be done so I’d better buckle down to it. Even though I have an accountant who does most of the work, there is an amount of prep work I must do before he can begin his portion.

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Snow For Birthday Gift

Today is my sister’s birthday. Guess what she’s getting for a gift … snow. When I called her to sing Happy Birthday to her, she said she heard we were to get an inch or two. A man in the bank this morning said 7 or 8 inches. I like my sister’s forecast better than his.

While I was out doing some errands, I felt snow hit my face. It was tiny fine flakes that you couldn’t really see but you could definitely feel. It will take a while for them to mount up to a measurable depth.

I’m concerned because the Youth at church have some social activities planned for this evening as part of Youth Week. I hate to think they will have to cancel those. If we get the 7 to 8 inches, church will no doubt be cancelled for tomorrow.

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