What A Storm!

That was quite a storm we had yesterday!  The wind blew; rain slashed down; lightning and thunder cracked and rumbled through the air.  Lots of people were (still are) without electricity.  Thankfully, I’m not one of them but my lights flickered several times and I thought I was going to lose power.  Some of the older suburbs have streets that are tree-lined with big old trees.  Once the storm moved on eastward, the residents were out with chainsaws, etc., clearing up the debris left by the storm.  I noticed that the pole the electric wires are connected to down by the filling station is cracked almost in two.  I suppose that’s why the filling station was closed.  I wonder how long it will take for the pole to be replaced.

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A New Puzzle

I have a new thought to puzzle over. I was typing away the other day when I noticed how the letters are organized on the keyboard. I wondered who came up with this arrangement and why. Is it because that’s the most efficient use of your fingers? I’m not sure how to research this but I would like to know.

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Latest Knitting Class

Yesterday I taught a Kids’ Knitting class. I had two students, a pair of twin eight-year old girls. Grandmother brought them and sat in on part of the class. As she so correctly observed, they did better when she wasn’t there. One girl caught on and did better than her sister. But I think a three-hour class for children is about 30 minutes too long. They were pretty tired toward the end of class, yawning and not really paying attention. I hope they continue to knit.

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It’s Starting

The firecracker season is starting.  The tents where the fireworks are sold have been going up on almost every corner.  It’s hard to realize how they all stay in business.  I guess there are lots of customers and a short season to sell them which make the abundance of tents understandable.  One tent is missing — Molly Brown’s sales tent.  The lot where she usually appears is buried under a bunch of dirt.  Not sure where that came from or what it’s intended to be used for but Molly isn’t perched on her pole this year.

Not sure exactly when people will be shooting all their fireworks.  I’ve heard a few isolated pops tonight so I imagine that will continue through the week.

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Leg Cramps

I did a bit of research on what causes leg cramps on WebMD. Of the items listed there, the most probable one, for me, was the lack of potassium. I used to take a potassium supplement. But I slacked off probably a month or two ago and I wonder if that’s why that cramp woke me so rudely the other morning. I headed to my stash of pills and resumed my morning potassium pill. So far, so good, no rude awakenings with leg cramps.

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Rude Awakening

My day started with a rude awakening. My leg cramped so much that I nearly cried. I’m not sure why it cramped like it did but I couldn’t seem to get rid of the cramp. Eventually it did ease up enough so I could get out of bed. However, that cramp has not exactly lingered but has left me with a vary sore leg. I wonder what causes cramps.

It’s very hot here this week. My heart goes out to the people who live and work downtown. There was a fire in a manhole last night which took out the electrical service to a big chunk of the central business district, including City Hall and a major courthouse. The electric company has been working feverishly to restore power. Some of the buildings have generators so they weren’t totally at the mercy of the hot weather.

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I’m pondering what causes someone to shoot innocent people such as occurred in Orlando last weekend.  What mental cramp makes them think such a thing is okay?  I’m thinking too about what punishment would be appropriate for the shooter.  I rather think the fact that he was shot and killed was appropriate without tying up the courts for who knows how long before sentence could be passed.

It’s troubled times we live in.

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