Finally, it’s done

This morning I finally accomplished getting a flu shot. An area hospital was giving them free. I called and registered. Next problem was trying to determine the best route to take to get to the hospital. I knew where it was but hadn’t been there in years so I was a bit confused as to the best route to take. I eventually figured it out — without the help of Google or a GPS. The next issue was sorting out the parking garage. It was with a sense of relief that I got that sorted. Finding the proper office was easy after that.

I was given some paperwork to complete and then was directed into the office. Once there I was asked a few questions and soon had my arm “pricked” to get my vaccination. One of the questions I was asked was if I had driven “all the way from Fenton” to come see them. They seemed to be very impressed by my journey. I didn’t think it was all that far once I had figured out my route. I was just glad to finally get my flu shot at no cost. I was also given a ballpoint and a small container of hand sancticiser.

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Medical Help

Maybe I’ve finally got some medical help.  When I saw the nurse practitioner (because my new doctor was out on maternity leave; I’ve yet to meet her), she signed me up with a pharmacist program  at the hospital.  God love this pharmacist (who I haven’t met yet)!  She “heard” me when I said my newest prescription was too expensive.  She said she got sick to the stomach when I told her the cost of it.  She is willing to work with me to get my medications at a cost I can accept.


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An Unsatisfactory Day

Today has not been very satisfactory.  I had good intentions of getting my flu shot.  The hospital where my doctor has an office was giving out free flu shots.  I set the alarm so I could get up early and go get one.  Well, I wasn’t able to get it together to go as early as I had planned but 10:30 a.m. found me at the hospital.  It was very disappointing to find that all 400 shots had been distributed already.  Evidently folks are taking the admonition to get one seriously.  I can try again next Saturday at another hospital  I see I need to register for this clinic so maybe I’ll be more successful.  I hope so.

I stopped at Walgreens on my way home to see about getting a shot there.  There was no one in their clinic to administer it so I ended up leaving there.

Back home, I tried to deal with my computer.  Yesterday in the middle of looking at Project Runway on YouTube, the cursor just vanished.  I couldn’t find it.  The computer hummed away all night because nothing I did to turn it off worked.  (Thankfully, I solved that problem late this afternoon.)

It was off to Joann’s for the Open House.  There were quite a few people in the store bu\t no one was stopping by our table to sign up for classes.  I got amused by the education person.  She scolded one of the sewing teachers who was asking every one she could buttonhole if they wanted to take sewing classes.  Becky kept reminding her ALL classes were on sale for half price this weekend, not just the sewing ones.

I finished one class sample while I was there.  I got out my circular needle to cast on the stitches for the next sample.  It broke!  This truly wasn’t my day.  I have quite a few samples to knit in the next two weeks so I need to see if I have another needle in the size.  I checked the needles in stock at Joann’s but I’m not crazy about the join (which is where my needle br0ke today).

Tomorrow we’re having Fall Fest at church.  There will be a service in the morning followed by a lunch with games and activities.  I’ve missed a lot of church in the last few months but I hope to make it in the morning.  I want to pay my tithes and at least enjoy the lunch.  I’m thankful the church ;livestreams the services.  That’s how I’ve been attending but it would be good to see people in person.

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Saturday evening I attended the Symphony concert.  It’s still early in the season and there’s lots of sporting events to compete with the Symphony for attendance.  I went a little early because I needed to stop at the ticket office.  My season tickets hadn’t been sent to me (as they were supposed to be) so I needed to get them printed and collected Saturday night.  I also needed to get my parking passes printed.  That done, I went in the side door so I could hear at least the latter part of the conductor’s pre-concert lectures.

After the lecture, I went to my regular seat.  I looked around and discovered the attendance was way down.  All those absentees missed an interesting program.  The first half was a long violin solo.  The violinist did not use a score and I wondered how on earth she memorized such a long piece.  The second half of the program was a symphony by Beethoven.  Both were interesting although I found the Beethoven piece more interesting.




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Questions to Ponder

I was reading a blog the other day.  The writer is retiring and wrote he had just given his two weeks notice that he was leaving.  Who decided two weeks was the proper amount of notice to give?  Why two weeks?  Is the employer expected to find a replacement in two weeks?  Does this ever happen?


Who determines what size to makes shoes?  I wear a size 9 1/2, a sometimes impossible size to find.  It seems manufacturers make shoes up through size 9 and then jump straight to whole sizes like 10 and 11.   Size 10 often breaks at a spot on my toes which is painful and may even cause blisters.  In addition, the heel doesn’t fit around my heel properly.  Dr. Scholl shoes are especially bad at doing this.  I see cute Dr. Scholl shoes in catalogues and stores but they are not available in my size 9 1/2.


Losing doctors.  This has been a rough year for me and doctors.  My primary care doctor moved out of state.  I selected another doctor from that practice to be my primary care.  A few weeks ago I called to make an appointment for my quarterly visit.  She wasn’t available.  I had to see the nurse practitioner.  While meeting that person, I learned the doctor is out on maternity leave.  This morning I had a dental appointment.  While the dentist was checking my mouth, I learned it was his last day in the office.  He’s retiring.  I didn’t think he was that old and suspect his leaving has more to do with the practice being purchased by a multi-l0cation company.  I noticed the hygienist is new and I really didn’t recognize any of the other technicians.  Why is my medical support system being taken away from me?




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Don’t Understand

I don’t understand why prescription costs can change so radically from one refill to another.  My most expensive one was over $700 the last time I had it filled.  This week when I renewed it, the cost was over $800.  Granted it was for a three-month supply both times but I find that cost just outrageous.  How are senior citizens supposed to cover such costs?

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Summer Still Here

I know that Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer.  But here that isn’t true.  The weekend was very hot with “real feels” over 100.  Thankfully, the temps are supposed to drop by the weekend and maybe summer will bid us farewell.  One can only hope.

How was your weekend?  Mine wasn’t all that great.  I looked forward to going to an Open House on Saturday.  My niece has bought a house and was having an Open House so everyone could come and see it.  I got directions but although I found the street, I couldn’t find the house.  I drove for an hour through that subdivision.  I stopped and asked at one house.  The people there were very nice but their directions sent me off on a wild goose chase.  Eventually, after an hour of looking in vain for my niece’s house, I gave up and came home.

About 30 minutes after I got home, my brother-in-law called and asked what had happened to me, why I hadn’t come.  He couldn’t understand why  I hadn’t come.  My getting lost was partly his fault; he had given me the wrong house number!  I tried to phone my niece but the phone number I had for her was wrong as well.

A series of emails to my niece has gotten the matter cleared up and I have an invitation to come by some other day to see the house.

Another disappointment was being stood up for a knitting class.  I was scheduled to teach a class on Saturday.  But the student never came.  That is so annoying but I expect the holiday weekend had something to do with that.  At least I was able to pick up the yarn to knit some class samples.  I dislike knitting class samples but the job is made bearable if I don’t have to buy the yarn.  Now I just have to get myself in gear and knit the samples.






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