Second Eye Surgery Successful

Home from the first post-operation check-up with the news that all appears to be fine. I go back next week for another check-up. Instructions are to call and schedule my appointment next month for new glasses. So progress continues.

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Bits and Pieces

Today I have some bits and pieces of news before my second eye surgery tomorrow.

Last Sunday we honored our graduates at church.  This is always a favorite service of mine since part of it includes a video interview with each student.  Not having a student of my own, I often don’t know the kids very well so it’s interesting to learn what school they attended, what subjects they’re interested in, their future plans, etc.  The service is followed by a cake and punch reception in the fellowship hall.  Each student has a table they can set up showing their awardes, etc.  Going from table to table is interesting, too.  A nice slice of cake and a cup of punch is a bonus.

Today my car is in for service.  It’s getting a recall repair done but also a lot of other maintenance repair as well.  The car dealer gave me a rental car to use while mine is in the shop.  It’s an Impala and I must say I quite like driving it.  I wonder how much one of these cost.  My car is a 2004 model and I probably should start thinking about replacing it at some point.  However, the mileage is fairly low for its age and it still runs well so I’m reluctant to do anything about replacing it, especially after the cost of today’s maintenance.

My sister and her husband are off to Europe tomorrow for a long-awaited trip.  I hope they enjoy themselves.  They’ve never done such a trip.

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Making Progress

Progress continues with my eye surgery recovery. Today’s check-up ended with my being told the eye had healed enough that the restrictions on lifting weight and bending over were lifted. So I have a week without having to deal with those while I wait for the second eye surgery. Still must continue with three of the eye drops. I was happy that the vision issues I experienced last week on the drive home were absent today. Of course, I didn’t have as many drops put in my eye. Last week I think at least three lots of drops were put in; that was probably why I had so much difficulty seeing on the drive home.

One annoyance has been not being able to shampoo my hair since I couldn’t bend over. Earlier today it dawned on me that I could go to the Great Clips at the supermarket and get my hair shampooed. So that’s what I did. It only cost $5 and was worth it. I expect they’ll see me again before I’m finished with this eye surgery gig. It was a nice cheap treat.

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Eye Update

Thanks to all who have been keeping my eye prroblem in their thoughts and prayers. Please continue to do so for the next few weeks.

The surgery went well. It was surprisingly quick. Now I’m coping with putting in four different eye drops. I had a post-surgical check-up on Thursday. I thought I could drive myself and had no issues getting to the doctor’s office. Once there, drops were put in my eyes, eye pressure taken, etc. and it was reported to me that everything looked fine. The eye was progressing as they wanted.

Reference was made to an appointment for next week. I knew of no such appointment. Evidently, all the follow-up appointments were to have been scheduled when the surgery was but somehow they were overlooked. Once I had called this to their attention, the mistake was quickly corrected. I now have appointments for two follow-ups per surgery and the second surgery is May 20.

I was wearing my sunglasses and could see fairly well, I thought. Then I went outside. I couldn’t see much of anything! I don’t know if this was the result of going from air conditioning to heat, the drops they’d used or what. But I’m here to tell you that driving home was super scarey since I could barely see. Good thing it wasn’t rush hour.

I will be so glad when this is all over.

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Tomorrow’s the Day

Well, tomorrow’s the day for the first of my cataract surgeries. My nephew was going to take me since the practice insists I have an adult bring me and stay with me the entire time. Yesterday he called and the news wasn’t to my liking … his work schedule has been changed and he can no longer do it. However, his significant other can take time off from her job and she’s coming to take me. She’s a very nice person and I appreciate her doing this when we’re not as yet related.

I feel a little nervous about the whole thing. So I’d like it if you could keep me in your prayers tomorrow.

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Avoiding Things

I find I’m avoiding things this week. I was invited to a year-end lunch for the reading tutors. I felt like I’d be a fraud if I went. I know only a few of the current tutors … most of the ones who trained when I did have dropped out .l.. and that coupled with the fact I missed most of the year due to illness leading to my resignation from the program just seemed to tell me I had no business attending that luncheon. So I didn’t.

Today was a scheduled Open House at Joann’s. The main push was to sign up students, especially kids, for summer classes. I woke up late and, frankly, just didn’t feel like going. So I called and told the class coordinator I wouldn’t be there. I was able to tell her about my upcoming cataract surgery so that was good. She had scheduled me for a class just a week after the first surgery. I told her she would do well to find someone else to teach that class since I wasn’t sure what my vision would be at that point.

Are there things you’re avoiding?

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An Annoyance

I have a new annoyance. It’s not quite to the stage of being a pet peeve but it does annoy me. What is it? It’s the light font color on some blogs and/or emails. Maybe it’s just because I’m facing eye surgery for cataracts but the light color fonts are very difficult for me to read. I’ve figured out how to make the font size bigger when I need it and that sometimes makes it darker. But not always. Anyone have a solution for this?

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