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A Wise Word

Thursday night I was listening to a radio broadcast of an interview the program host had done with Art Linkletter. As I’m sure you are aware, he passed away a few days ago. During this interview he said something I … Continue reading

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Getting A Jump on Christmas

Have you started your Christmas shopping or knitting yet? For years it has been my practice to Christmas shop all year long. As I was out and about, if I found a particularly good bargain that would make a nice … Continue reading

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It Was A Very Good Time

My local congregation celebrated its 75th anniversary this past weekend. It was a very good time. The celebrations started with a special service on Friday night. Given the number of visitors expected, church members were asked to park at the … Continue reading

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A College Class Memory

A post on the Pen Fatales blog reminded me of a class I took in college. It was an English class covering Victorian women writers.  One of our assignments was to write a paper comparing something from those times with … Continue reading

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Where’s the Bread?

When I was a teen-ager, the family shopped at a vegetable stand for produce and fruit. Near the cash register, there was “the bread.” It had a hard crust, sometimes came with sesame seeds on it, had been slashed in … Continue reading

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How to Lie

I imagine almost everyone is taught not to lie when a child. All of us probably heard, “You better not be lying to me” when we told our mothers a fib. But somewhere we’ve learned to lie.  We also learned … Continue reading

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Sisterchicks Stories

At the library a week or so ago I came across a series of books written by Robin Jones Gunn. In each one a pair of Sisterchicks (different pair in each book) set off for some kind of adventure. In … Continue reading

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