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Disappointing Appointment

I had an appointment for my annual eye checkup this morning. I was rather dreading it because I hate the drops in my eyes to dilate them for the glaucoma exam. Today turned out to be the strangest appointment I’ve … Continue reading

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Summerfest A Success

Summerfest at church on Sunday was a success even though the weather was beastly hot.  The food included hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, corn, pie, cake, cookies, iced tea and lemonaid.  A big tent was set up … Continue reading

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This post is a bit of miscellaneous news with no real theme. First of all, Edin. He is home from the hospital now. Got to come home Thursday which is amazing since originally the doctors said he’d be in the … Continue reading

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Summer is here

After a cooler than normal, delightful summer, the hot and humid weather arrived this week. I guess we should have expected it because my church is having Summerfest this coming Sunday. This has been described as a combination of Friends’ … Continue reading

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Edin Update

I talked to my sister last evening to see if she knew anything about how Edin’s surgery had gone. She, my niece, her son who dates Edin’s mother, and Edin’s older brother all spent the day with his mother at … Continue reading

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Thunder is grumbling. Not totally unexpected since thunderstorms/showers are forecast for today and the rest of the weekend. The firecrackers, though, are unexpected. I thought everyone had shot off all their fireworks already.

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How Do You Say

It’s not really a pet peeve but it is definitely an annoyance for me to hear something mispronounced, especially on the radio. A few years ago there was an ad for something in a nearby town. The name of the … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

My nephew has a friend whose son is facing major surgery on Monday, the 18th. Edin is 7 years old and has a tumor on the optic nerve to his left eye. The surgery is to remove the eye and … Continue reading

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Today was Open House at Joann’s. All the teachers were asked to come for at least part of it. I arrived about 12:15 p.m. and met an employee who was doing a demo on knitting on a round loom. She … Continue reading

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Election Day Exhaustion

Election Day is always a long exhausting day. It starts the night before when my sleep is interrupted by worrying about getting up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the polls. This time my sleep was also disrupted by arthritis … Continue reading

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