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An Annoyance

I have a new annoyance. It’s not quite to the stage of being a pet peeve but it does annoy me. What is it? It’s the light font color on some blogs and/or emails. Maybe it’s just because I’m facing … Continue reading

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Catching Up With Friends

Tuesday I had lunch with some of the women I went to high school with. It was a great time to catch up on their news. I’m a littlel concerned about one of them. She didn’t look well to me … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done!

I picked up my tax papers from the accountant on Monday.  I didn’t owe any taxes!  Today I got the electronic notification that my taxes had been submitted and accepted by the IRS.  Glad to have that job behind me. … Continue reading

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Something To Think About

I went to the Symphony on Saturday night. As I sat there watching the conductor, I got to wondering about how the tail coat is constructed. I suspect it must be tailored individually. Otherwise I don’t see how he can … Continue reading

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South of the Border

Last night was the monthly travelogue. This time we traveled south of the border, down Mexico way. But rather to my disappointment, we didn’t visit the beach resorts or ancient ruins. Instead we wandered around in the Sierra Madre mountains. … Continue reading

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We’ve been having some fierce storms lately. The rain comes in downpours. The lightning is fierce and so bright it hurts your eyes. Of course, thunder rolls in accompaniment. Hail decides to participate. In this morning’s newspaper, there’s a picture … Continue reading

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Election Day

Today is Election Day here in Missouri. For some unknown to me reason, I wasn’t asked to work at the polls. Guess maybe I should follow up with the county clerk about that. At any rate, when I turned up … Continue reading

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