To-Do List Tryanny

I like To Do lists. I find they help keep me focused on things which I should/need to get accomplished. But sometimes I think there’s a bit of tyranny in them.

Take yesterday for example. I had quite a long list of items on my list. I accomplished all but three of them. While I had a good feeling as I crossed ffthe completed items, I was left feeling like bit of a failure because I didn’t accomplish everything listed there.

I’ve decided that I refuse to be bossed by that list. I’m the one who made it and if I don’t accomplish everything on it, no one else will care. There’s no one who can punish me for my neglect. Sometimes it’s not neglect; it’s lack of time which prevents completion of the list.

Do you write To Do lists? Does it upset you to have items left over at the end of the day?  What do you do with those uncompleted items?  I’m just going to transfer them to another list which will be for tomorrow.  Today I’m going to do some fun things like go to my knit group and come home and sew on my blouse.  I’ll show that list who’s boss!

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1 Response to To-Do List Tryanny

  1. Carole says:

    Like you I too am a writer of lists. usually if my list for the day is not all ticked off – so what? There’s always tomorrow. I have just returned from an essential shopping spree and was so pleased with myself that
    a/ I had rembered to take my list with me and
    b/ I returned home with everything ticked off. 🙂

    Once everything was in its allocated place I discovered that I had not got the one thing that this whole thing was in aid of. I can’t blame the list as it was not on there. Perhaps I need to start writing a list to remind me what to put on the daily list!!!!

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