Cell Phone Antics

As I mentioned the other day, I never (or only rarely) use my cell phone. However, this week I was more or less forced to attempt to use it since my landline phone was not working.

One day I had a long list of errands and was going from one to the next, feeling proud of all I was accomplishing on my to-do list. I was in Aldi’s doing my grocery shopping and had reached the checkout when I realized I had forgotten to pick up the peanut butter which was the reason I went to the store. The store wasn’t crowded so I decided to dash back and get the peanut butter while the clerk checked out the woman ahead of me.

As I rushed across the store — of course the peanut butter was at the back of the store, as far from the checkout as it could be — I heard a cell phone start ringing. It rang and rang and rang. I wondered why on earth the person didn’t answer the phone. While the phone continued to ring, I grabbed my peanut butter and made it back to the counter in time to be checked out. Only as I opened my purse to pay did I realize it was MY phone which was ringing.

Of course, once I figured that out, grabbed the phone and opened it, it stopped ringing. I knew it must have been my sister since she’s the only person I’ve given that number. I think the phone is supposed to tell me what call I missed but I can’t figure out how to get it to tell me that.

What is also odd is that the phone was ringing at all. The previous day it had been set to vibrate and I swear I did nothing to change that.

I think this cell phone delights in proving just how stupid I am when confronted with modern technology.

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