Trivia Night

A popular event in this area is a trivia night. Frequently they are fund-raising events. Last night I attended my first one.

This was not a fund-raiser but a customer appreciation event by a company I do business with. Having never been to one, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The friend who went with me and I were assigned to a table with three couples. Sadly, none of us were trivia experts. However, it was surprising how much we did know about the various subjects of the quizzes.

There were six rounds of 10 questions each. Each table was a team and points were accumulated. Someone has to be the lowest team and that’s exactly who we were. But we felt rather proud of our showing anyway, especially given that my friend and I don’t go to the movies. I surprised myself by how much I know about our local baseball team and its players. I guess listening to all those Sports Open Line radio shows paid off even though I didn’t really “listen” to them; they were just background noise in my house.

A fun part of the evening was a dessert contest which took place midway through the quizzes. I had entered a favorite cake which I hadn’t baked in probably 10 or 12 years. It didn’t win the contest — I should have remembered that chocolate usually takes the prize — but I felt like it was a winner because I only had one slice of it to bring home. Maybe it didn’t win the contest but it did get eaten.

Now that I know how trivia nights work I may be willing to pay an entrance fee to attend one of the fund-raising ones.

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