Waterlogged Mini Vacation

We have had the wettest October since they began keeping records over 100 years ago. There are flood warnings out now. The ground is so saturated there’s no place for the rain to go but into the rivers.

Last night a friend and I went to a program on Thai Classical Music and Dance at Jefferson College in Hillsboro. If left to myself, I would have cancelled. It was pouring rain. I had to stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription on my way to meet her. I was at the stoplight to cross the highway when there was a big flash of lightening. The stoplights went out. Fortunately, they came back on … blinking … in a minute or two. But this was during the rush hour so picking your way across the highway with only a blinking stoplight was not fun. When I got in the store, I learned their computers had all gone down when that lightening had hit but they had come back up in about five minutes. While I was getting my medicine, the rain got even heavier. It was as thought someone had turned a bucket upside down over our heads.   I was wet through my raincoat just getting from the store to my car in the parking lot.

I finally got to the meeting spot and my friend was still of a mind to go. She offered to drive the 25 miles or so we had to travel so I said okay. She’s a good driver normally but she made me nervous because she was driving so fast in such heavy rain (and fog) when you couldn’t really see the lane markings that well. Plus she didn’t keep her wipers on. She’d turn them off and the windshield would get all covered with water, making it difficult to see, and then she’d turn them back on. I managed not to say anything but I wasn’t very comfortable.

The program was interesting but was definitely not my cup of tea. All the music sounded pretty much the same and didn’t seem to have much of a melody to it. The dancers were good. Their costumes were very colorful. For the first couple of dances, the women had all extremely long gold fingernails. Later they danced without them. With them, it looked like they were bending their fingers back double. This group was from a university in Bangkok and were doing a cultural exchange type of trip. The narrator gave us some background of what we were hearing and seeing but she had an accent and was difficult to understand so I’m sure I missed a lot of it. Of course, she did far better speaking English than I ever would speaking Thai!


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