Happy Easter

Best wishes for a happy Easter. I trust the real message of Easter isn’t buried under chocolate candy and dyed eggs.

Friday night I attended a music program at First Baptist Church in Fenton. This church has an excellent music program. Their adult choir sang several numbers. The youth choir did a few as well including one which was signed while they sang. In addition, they have a handbell choir which played two numbers.

Interspersed between the songs were short presentations by nine people who were part of the original Easter story: Mary Magdalene, the disciple on the road to Emaeus, Thomas the Doubter, etc. I’m not sure but the program seemed to indicate that the pastor wrote the speeches and I believe his wife is the choir director who coordinated the music. One thing I like about her is that she involves all the choir members in smaller ensembles, etc. It doesn’t appear to me that she plays favorites.

Today at my church we had an almost overflow crowd which was nice to see. In addition to some excellent musical numbers, two people were baptised at the conclusion of the service. The morning service was followed by an egg hunt for the under third-graders. Everyone who attended was given a small box filled with Easter candy.

I hope your Easter has been blessed. Remember, He is risen!

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1 Response to Happy Easter

  1. Susie says:

    It has been a blessed day indeed. Wonderful church service, good meal with family and friends. Perfect weather. A day for rejoicing all around!

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