Catching Up With Friends

Tuesday I had lunch with some of the women I went to high school with. It was a great time to catch up on their news. I’m a littlel concerned about one of them. She didn’t look well to me but she was at the opposite end of the table so there was no opportunity to catch up with her. I got amused at one point as the general conversation seemed to turn to a pain and ache discussion. But, thankfully, we didn’t stay on that topic for long.

I was interested in how many of them have had cataract surgery, especially since I’m facing that now. Given that we were in the same class in high school, I would guess we’re all about the same age. My eye doctor told me that “age” is what causes cataracts so I guess I’m blessed to have avoided them this long. I saw the surgeon today and he said a prime cause is UV light so wear your sunglasses!

One topic which was discussed at length was one of the women’s relationship with a gentleman. The husband of one of the women had tasked her with finding out if the couple had broken up. Turns out they had. Another woman asked if they had been together for a long time and I nearly fell off my chair when she answered, “23 years.” Good heavens! That made mne wonder why they had never married. She did say there were some break-ups during the period but still … 23 years.

We sat in the restaurant for over two hours. After we left, I went to the school where I had volunteered earlier in the year to return Christian’s story journal. The school seemed awfully quiet and I didn’t see anyone other than the school secretary that I knew. But it was good to get that journal off my mind.

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