South of the Border

Last night was the monthly travelogue. This time we traveled south of the border, down Mexico way. But rather to my disappointment, we didn’t visit the beach resorts or ancient ruins. Instead we wandered around in the Sierra Madre mountains. What rugged landscapes! I can’t imagine why you’d want to go some place where there are very few roads or people or much of anything except another rough mountain. Our lecturer did the trip in a plane so most of the shots were from the pilot’s view. I gathered from his comments that most of the people were involved in mining of some sort or the other. But there weren’t all that many people. I did wonder where he got petrol for the plane since landing strips were few and far between with no visible services that I could see. I’m thankful that’s one trip I will not be required to take.

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1 Response to South of the Border

  1. Susie says:

    Makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

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