Getting Things Done!

I picked up my tax papers from the accountant on Monday.  I didn’t owe any taxes!  Today I got the electronic notification that my taxes had been submitted and accepted by the IRS.  Glad to have that job behind me.

Wednesday I went to the eye doctor for my annual check-up.  I went to a different eye doctor this time.  I was a little surprised when he said I have cataracts which are ready to be removed.  Yikes!  Not sure how I feel about that.  I asked him what caused them and he said “age.”  Guess that’s what I get for living so long.

His office got right on it and made an appointment with a consultant to see about the surgery.  With my particular insurance, I need a referral from my primary care doctor.  Before I could call that office and request it, the consultant’s office had called me to make sure I was following up on the referral.  Several phone calls later, that was done.

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