Something To Think About

I went to the Symphony on Saturday night. As I sat there watching the conductor, I got to wondering about how the tail coat is constructed. I suspect it must be tailored individually. Otherwise I don’t see how he can wave his arms about and always have the coat settle perfectly on him. There were no lines where seams were pulling.

Another thing I got to thinking about was the fitness program a conductor must follow. I can’t imagine standing there, holdling my arms up and waving them around like that. Makes me tired to just think about it. A conductor has to be fit to do that.

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1 Response to Something To Think About

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I have read that many conductors (and also, violinists) are longer-lived than their contemporaries with otherwise-similar lifestyles – because all the vigorous arm-movements (yes, even for playing the violin) are good for cardiovascular health.

    I never thought about the tailcoats but I bet you are right, they probably have to be specially cut and tailored for the man. (And woe unto him if he gains very much weight – he would need a new coat!)

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