Yummy Peaches

I went to a nearby shop run by a farm/orchard firm to get some fruit and vege on Saturday. I purchased a small basket of peaches. I know this company has really good peaches — in fact, in other years I’ve gone to pick them — and thought the basket I picked up was their “normal” peach.

When I got home, I discovered I had bought white peaches. I don’t know that I’ve ever bought white peaches in the past. I can tell you that after a couple of days on the counter, they have softened and are yummy, delicious. I’m wondering if I can make a cobbler or crisp from them.

The tomatoes and blueberries I got are yummy too. I’m looking forward to getting some lettuce so I can have my first BLT of the summer.

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1 Response to Yummy Peaches

  1. therfpscribe says:

    Try the peaches in a salad with cherry tomatoes, roast chicken, rocket (aragula) and if you can still find some, asparagus, preferably chargrilled. I like to crumble some parmesan over it before serving. It’s a lovely summery meal with a variety of flavours and textures.

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