Do you ever think about how our memory works?  I was prompted to wonder about this today.  I was reading a Max Lucado book on prayer.  In the notes at the end of the book was a line from an old hymn.  Almost immediately that song was singing through my mind.

To Canaan’s land I’m on my way

Where the soul of man never dies

 (lines I don’t remember)]

No fond farewells, no tear-stained eyes

Where all is peace and rest

And the soul of  man never dies

I haven’t sung or heard that song in years.  Yet there it was, echoing through my mind.  I suspect if I were to go to the piano, I’d be able to play it.  That might prompt those forgotten lines to my mind.

Memory … what a wonderful thing!

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1 Response to Memory

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Brain scientists say we often remember things we sing better than simply spoken words. I know a lot of hymn verses from just having sung them many times in church.

    I also remember the Preamble to the Constitution because of the “Schoolhouse Rock” mini-cartoon about it that was on TV when I was a kid – it was set to sort of a country-folk song, and I dare say that if you went into a room of people in their mid to late 40s and said “We the people…” many of us would be able to break into the song.

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