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Buying Books

Do you buy many books?  Where do you get them? I have found my local Dollar Tree store to be a source for some interesting books.  I read one I got there that was about raising dairy goats.  Another was … Continue reading

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A Touch of Fall

The weather has taken a turn to cooler. Last night it was down in the 60s and I don’t think today will get warmer than 80. There’s definitely a touch of fall in the air. It’s supposed to be like … Continue reading

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It Missed Me

There seems to be a gene that prompts people to clean out cupboards. It missed me. I’ve read several blog posts about people who are downsizing and clearing clutter out of their lives. Even my friend who called the other … Continue reading

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Day for Errands

Today I must do some errands. I got the banking out of the way but I still need to return some books to the library. The trick will be to avoid checking out any more. If I bring home some … Continue reading

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The Ten on Tuesday topic today was what ten series of books you have read. As you are aware, I don’t participate in the Ten on Tuesday posts but I do like to read them. Today’s topic was educational … … Continue reading

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What Can I Say?

What can I say in this blog post? Today I’m lost for a topic to write about. There’s always the weather but are you really interested in the weather where I live? Like so much of the country, it’s hot … Continue reading

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Early/Late Christmas

Today I spent a gift card I received at Christmas. It was to Barnes & Noble. It’s dangerous for me to go in a bookstore. I want to buy almost everything! Today I got a copy of Piecework. I had … Continue reading

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