Election Judge Training

Next Tuesday is the mid-term election. I’ll be working as an election judge again. So this afternoon found me driving to Hillsboro to attend judge training.

You would think that after working as many elections as I have, I’d know it all and not need to attend training. But I find there is always something new to me. This time it was a change in our procedure to number the voters. Instead of having to enter the page number where the voter is listed onto a separate sheet, we’re going to use a sticker. This is expected to make reconciling our books much easier/faster if our vote counts get off.

It was a pretty drive to Hillsboro with the hills covered in bright colored autumn leaves. Coming home I took a different route and discovered a lot of what I suppose are called coves between bluffs. The grass was usually still green in them. The houses were back in the coves and I suppose the bluffs shield them from some of the more severe weather.

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Summer Returns For A Visit

After adjusting to fall weather, summer decided she needed to pay us another visit.  Today the high is to be 80 and the same thing is true for Sunday and Monday.  I’m not ready for this.  I was quite enjoying the cooler temps.

But fall is on the way.  The trees are beginning to shed their leaves while some of the remaining trees are changing color.  As I drove home from doing errands, I wished I could smell burning leaves.  Some areas prohibit the burning of leaves but you can still do that where I live.  To me, that’s the smell of fall.

It’s interesting how each season seems to have a smell all it’s own.  Fall is burning leaves.  Winter is brisk cold temps with maybe a hint of snow in the air.  Spring calls for the smell of early blooming flowers and summer is ripe with the odor of barbecue from the neighbor’s grill.

Do you have a favorite seasonal smell?

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Fun Knit Class

I was asked to teach a knit class this evening. The topic was a garter stitch hat. As it happened, I had made a small version of the pattern — all except closing the top and then sewing the seam — to use in a class should one be scheduled. I knew there was no way a student would be able to knit an entire adult size hat during the class period. This way, they have a small one to go on a doll or teddy bear or as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

It was a good class. I just had one student but she was so interesting. Her husband retired about 14 years or so ago and they bought a fifth wheel and just traveled. They’d go south in the winter and head north in the summer. They’ve sold it now — her husband is 80 — and have come back to this area because their daughter lives here.

She was a pretty proficient knitter already although she’s mostly been crocheting She completed her small hat with time to spare but rather than start the big one, she asked me to show her other things which I was happy to do. It’s be great if all knitting classes went as well as tonight’s.

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A Mystery

Sunday night I received an email from a friend. I read it and planned to answer it Monday.

That was a good plan but when I started to answer it, I couldn’t find it. It no longer was in my Inbox. It wasn’t in the Trash folder. It wasn’t in any file I could think of.

Then today it turned up in the SPAM folder. It’s a mystery to me how it got there. But rest assured I answered it right away before the email gremlins could have more fun with it.

Do these kinds of things happen to you?”

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A Better Day

Today, I’m happy to report, is going better. I feel better for one thing. I’ve managed to get a bit of cleaning done which makes me feel good. I also got some errands accomplished.

One of the errands was a trip to a jeweler I discovered about 10 days ago. I had two watches which needed batteries and one watch which needed a new band. So this morning I went to the jeweler. I was able to get both batteries and was able to replace the band on the other watch. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was how much this cost. The jeweler did not give me an itemized bill so I don’t know what the individual charges were. But it all added up to enough that I almost wished I had just bought a new watch at Wal-Mart. They have some very inexpensive watches and that’s probably what I’ll do when these batteries die.

I also have a clock which needed repair. It was a clock given to me as a service award for ten years of tutoring. When I tried to change the time on it several months ago, the little screw thing you use to do that went flying off and remains lost forever. I thought a jeweler would be able to replace it but she said no, she couldn’t. So I’m disappointed about that.

Next stop on my errands was at Wal-Mart. This is a new-to-me store. I live between it and the one where I usually shop. Since I was in its neighborhood, I decided to check it out. I think it’s a smaller store than my usual one but I was pleased with the things I found there. One thing that Wal-Mart has which mine doesn’t have is fabric. I didn’t take time to explore what was on offer but it’s nice to know that there’s some place where I can buy some if I get back to sewing.

So I came home feeling quite proud of myself.

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Not A Good Day

Today has not been a good one.  I suppose that’s to be expected after a bad night.  For some reason, I woke every hour — almost on the hours — and needed to use the bathroom.  That means I didn’t get much sleep.  I was meant to tutor today but got hit with a bout of intestinal distress and had to cancel.  Back to bed and a two plus hour nap helped some but still I’ve accomplished nothing.  I hate these kinds of days but I suppose we need to have one every once in a while or we couldn’t appreciate the good days.

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Odds and Ends

Here are some odds and ends from my weekend.

Friday night was the first travelogue at Wash U.  The program was titled “My Personal Italy” and it truly was just that.  The lecturer has been traveling to Italy for over 30 years and the pictures were of places he especially enjoyed.  Oddly enough (to me) they included none of the popular tourist spots.  I’d be hard pressed to find those places on a map and it’s a wonder that he ever found them once, let alone enough times to make them favorites.   I really wished he had included more pictures of people and that he had taped conversations with them.  It’s much more interesting, to me, when we get to meet the people that the lecturer met as he traveled.  Without that, it looked like a lonely trip.

Friday morning I had a knitting project class at Joann’s.  The student was an older lady who was working on a sweater for a granddaughter and needed help picking up the bands.  We’re going to meet again this Friday and work on the buttonholes.  I explained how to do them but I’m not confident that she will remember how to do them.

The educational director was there and discussed the non-appearing student I’ve had.  She said she would pay me for my time (turned out it was for one trip to the store) and will refuse to refund the student’s tuition.  I was grateful that she was so thoughtful.  I would have just been out my gas and time.

After I left Joann’s, I went to IHOP.  I had seen ads for their waffles and had a yen to try the cheese and bacon one.  Well, I felt like a judge on Chopped.  Sometimes they eat a dish a chef has prepared and have to ask where the mystery ingredient was used.  I couldn’t find the cheese in my waffle.  I asked and the waitress took it away.  I was in hopes I’d get a new one but she brought it back and pointed to one tiny spot of yellow and said, “There it is.”  Not only could I not really see it, I never did taste any cheese in that waffle.  So, no more cheese and bacon waffles for me unless I make them at home.  Now that’s a thought.

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