What A Shock!

I had called in a refill order on one of my prescriptions. When I got the call yesterday that it was ready to be picked up, I was told the price would be $275! I was sure there had to be a mistake. I called the pharmacy and asked if they had submitted it to my insurance. The clerk checked; yes, they had. It turned out I now have a deductible on my medications. Sure would have been nice if someone had told me about that. At any rate, now that I’ve paid this outrageous fee, the deductible has been paid and the next refill should only be $45. If my doctor would write the prescription for three months instead of just 30 days, it would be slightly less. I’m definitely going to talk to her about this.

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Computer Issues

I’ve just spent most of the day sitting here at the computer. I started getting weird pop-ups, etc. yesterday and spent most of today in a “live chat” with a technician to get rid of the problems causing them. Thankfully, it seems to have worked.

This is my week for computer issues. Tuesday I had to get a new printer. I ordered it from HP while I was at the library picking up a reserved book. I had something I wanted to print and since my home printer wasn’t going to do it, that was the best solution I could think of. I am SO impressed … my new printer was delivered today. Now, I must install it but that’s on the schedule for tomorrow. I think I’ve given enough of today to computer issues.

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Not What I Expected

I was scheduled to teach a knitting class this afternoon. I turned up at the store and was pleased that the education coordinator was there. We had a nice chat about upcoming classes, some ideas for additional classes, etc. There was only one problem … the student never came.

While I was there, a customer stopped by the classroom and asked some questions about the lengths and styles of knitting needles. I ended up demonstrating how to knit in a circle on double-pointed needles. I sent the customer on her way with a tiny sample so she’d know what to do. I tried to encourage her to sign up for a class but she lives about an hour away and didn’t think a class would be feasible.

It felt good to help her … especially in front of the coordinator.

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What Did I See

I was on my way to the bank this morning and off to the side in an empty lot was a camel! I did a sort of double take but it was on the opposite side of the highway and I decided maybe I could get a better look on my way back. My banking taken care of I headed to the pharmacy.

I passed that empty lot again and not only was there a camel in it, there were a few smaller animals as well. I don’t know if they were baby camels or llama. As best I could read the sign, someone had set up a small petting “zoo” in that lot. I don’t know if it was a fundraiser for someone/something but it definitely not a usual occurrence. I wonder where on earth they found those camels.

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It Missed Me

There seems to be a gene that prompts people to clean out cupboards. It missed me. I’ve read several blog posts about people who are downsizing and clearing clutter out of their lives. Even my friend who called the other day mentioned that at our time of life we needed to be getting rid of things in case we had to move to senior housing quickly due to health issues.

Mercy! What a gloomy way to look at life. I do admit I have more than enough clutter in my life that I would benefit from sorting it out and either donating it somewhere or tossing it out. I don’t envy whoever comes behind me having to deal with my stuff. Just my yarn stash is an issue to say nothing of all the books I have.

But like the character in Gone With the Wind, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

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Progress on the Car Issue

Today I can report progress on the car issue. The insurance company of the man who hit me on New Year’s called. They will cover the cost of the repairs to my car. They will also cover three days of a rental car. Yippee!

The garage where my car is called today. They had gotten word from that insurance company and are going ahead with those repairs in addition to the work I had them originally doing. They will also arrange for the car rental company to change the billing for the rental from my insurance company to the other company. They have been so cooperative and helpful.

The only downside is that it looks like I won’t get my car back until Tuesday. It seems foolish to admit it but driving the rental car makes me nervous. Driving it today may not be too bad except that it is terribly cold. Sunday when I will want to go to church is supposed to be warmer but with sleet and other icy nasties forecast. Not sure I’ll want to attempt that in a rental car. Maybe it’s time to pray about the weather.

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An Unexpected Treat

Today I got an unexpected treat. A woman I used to work with called to catch up with me. I’ve been retired 14 years so it’s been a while since I’ve been in touch. I usually send her a Christmas card but this year I was so lax in mailing cards that she didn’t get one. That concerned her so she called to see what’s been happening. We had a nice long chat. I was amazed when she told me she had five surgeries last year. Fortunately, she came through them all and is doing better now. She’s still facing cataract surgery this year. What an unexpected treat to hear from an old friend!

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