Summerfest A Success

Summerfest at church on Sunday was a success even though the weather was beastly hot.  The food included hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, corn, pie, cake, cookies, iced tea and lemonaid.  A big tent was set up next to the church where we ate.  The buffet line was against the front wall of the church and fed us into the big tent.  Three big fans/misters were set up to help with temperature control.

I left early right after I had eaten because I had a family event I needed to attend but it appeared to me that everyone was having a good time.  Hats off to the committee that organized this! 



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This post is a bit of miscellaneous news with no real theme.

First of all, Edin. He is home from the hospital now. Got to come home Thursday which is amazing since originally the doctors said he’d be in the hospital for a week. They said he was doing so well that he could come home early. As I reminded my nephew, there were a lot of people praying for Edin. Thanks to all off you who kept Edin in your prayers.

I got asked to teach a knitting class tonight. I’m concerned about it. It’s sort of an intarsia knit tote bag. I can do intarsia but it’s not my favorite type of knitting. Needless to say, learning this morning that I was to teach the class this evening, I haven’t had time to knit a full-size sample. I decided to try a scaled down version of the motif. I’m struggling with it. I hope my explanations and demos during class go better.

Today is my nephew’s birthday. Tomorrow is Edin’s birthday. So, at the last minute, a combined family birthday party has been planned for tomorrow. I’ve been invited. Now, I just need to get cards and gifts for two guys as well as teach that class. I hope to get the shopping accomplished on my way to class.

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Summer is here

After a cooler than normal, delightful summer, the hot and humid weather arrived this week. I guess we should have expected it because my church is having Summerfest this coming Sunday. This has been described as a combination of Friends’ Day and the annual church picnic. Several times the church picnic has had to be cancelled because of the weather … either beastly hot or heavy rains or something. I don’t think they’ll cancel Summerfest but the heat may have an adverse effect on the attendance.

The day is to start with a worship service in the sanctuary with a children’s church in the fellowship hall for the 3 to 11 set. Nursery will be provided for the under 3s. Then we all go outside for a picnic lunch/bbq. I’m to take 5 lbs. of potato salad. I’m taking the easy way out and buying this at the supermarket deli because I don’t have pots big enough to cook that many potatoes. When you cook for one, you have small pots.

If only the weather will cooperate, this should be a fun day.

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Edin Update

I talked to my sister last evening to see if she knew anything about how Edin’s surgery had gone. She, my niece, her son who dates Edin’s mother, and Edin’s older brother all spent the day with his mother at the hospital. My sister had to leave mid-afternoon for an appointment with her own oncologist and after that visit she came home. (Good news … she doesn’t need to see the oncologist for a year!) The latest news on Edin which she had received shortly before I called was that the surgery had gone well and he only had about another hour of “work” to be finished.

Thank you for keeping Edin in your prayers. Now comes the recovery/healing period. Continued prayer will be appreciated.

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Thunder is grumbling. Not totally unexpected since thunderstorms/showers are forecast for today and the rest of the weekend. The firecrackers, though, are unexpected. I thought everyone had shot off all their fireworks already.

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How Do You Say

It’s not really a pet peeve but it is definitely an annoyance for me to hear something mispronounced, especially on the radio.

A few years ago there was an ad for something in a nearby town. The name of the town is Alton pronounced All (everything) ton (weight). The announcer called it Al (man’s name) town. It really grated on the ear.

When I hear things like this, I wonder if the copy writer or the ad agency did any research into how to properly say something. Maybe it’s a regional dialect but if you really want to sell something to me, make sure you pronounce it correctly.

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Prayer Request

My nephew has a friend whose son is facing major surgery on Monday, the 18th. Edin is 7 years old and has a tumor on the optic nerve to his left eye. The surgery is to remove the eye and the tumor. This is very delicate surgery because if the optic nerve to the right eye gets damaged, he’ll end up totally blind. The surgery is to take 10 hours.

My nephew is requesting prayer for Edin. I’d add his mother and the surgeons to the prayer list as well. I’d appreciate your joining us in prayer for Edin.

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