Weather Must Be Changing

The weather must be changing because I’m really aching. The last few nights or early mornings I’ve woken up in a lot of pain. Today I got up and took more pain medication in the hopes I’d be able to sleep a bit more. It worked. But I’m still sleepy. In fact, I find myself nodding off sitting here at the computer.

Maybe I should make myself some tea or coffee. I need to write out bills and that’s certainly not a task I want to do when I’m falling asleep.

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Lunch With The Girls

Yesterday eight of “the girls” I went to high school with met for lunch. It had been two or three — difference of opinion there — years since we had seen each other. It was good to see everyone although sitting at one long table made conversation with everyone difficult.

We met at Ruby Tuesday and they still have the soup and salad bar I had remembered. It was good. I liked the broccoli cheddar soup but think St. Louis Bread Company’s version is better.

We made plans to meet again in three months. It will be interesting to see how committed we are to this plan.

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Isn’t it odd/interesting how some events are locked into our memories? Mention of it and you are immediately once again at the place where you first learned of it. The assassination of President Kennedy is one of those events. I’m once again standing in the shoe department at Famous-Barr. I worked there at the time and a number of employees made their way to the electronics department to watch the televisions on display as the news unfolded.

Today’s date and memory takes me back to that hotel room in Perth, Australia where I watched in horror as the news was reported. It was hard to take it in … this wasn’t a horror movie being shown on the TV; this was happening back home in the U.S. I was again feel the gentle hug of a fellow tour member when I got to the breakfast room and hear again his whispered “I’m sorry; I’m so sorry.”

Perhaps memories like these will help us make sure the events are not repeated. But, frankly, the daily news doesn’t offer much hope in that direction.

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Quiet Week

It’s been a quiet week here. I’ve not gone anywhere interesting unless you count a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription of high interest. Today was to be the bus trip with my bank to the ranch where the Budweiser Clydesdales are raised. The trip sold out very rapidly so I was waitlisted. Evidently, no one cancelled because I didn’t get a call or email saying I had a place on the bus. I’m sorry about that because today would have been a nice day for a trip.

The weather turned cooler over the weekend and has been delightful. That’s going to change though. It’s to be warmer again today — but not, please God, hot. Tomorrow is forecast to be The Day — rain, thunderstorms, hail, possible tornado. Sounds like if you can describe it, we’ll have it. Or not. Sometimes the forecasters get it wrong.

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Grandparents’ Day

Today is Grandparents’ Day.  There was a special service honoring them at church this morning.  It began with a free breakfast for them.  I missed the very beginning of the worship service because I was finishing up my Sunday School secretarial duties so I didn’t get to see the little kids.  I imagine they either recited a poem or sang a song.  I did hear the congregation singing an old song.  That’s a real tip-off that it’s Grandparents’ Day.  We never sing those old hymns any other time.

The offertory was a piano solo by a white-haired grandmother I didn’t know could play the piano.  She played Prayer Is The Key To Heaven But Faith Unlocks the Door, another oldie but goodie.  I knew it sounded familiar but it took me a while to put the words with the tune.

One of the teenage boys prayed a blessing on the grandparents.  A grandmother and a grandfather each spoke briefly about being a grandparent.  When it was time for the sermon, it was done in two parts — one by a grandfather who is a retired minister and one by a grandmother who is a writer … and excellent speaker.

All in all, it was a good way to spend a Sunday morning even though I’m not a grandmother.  The closest I’ve come is being a great-aunt.  I didn’t know three of my four grandparents; they died when my parent (their child) was still a child.  I wasn’t particularly close to my grandmother due to the economic differences between my family and her other grandchildren.  I do have fond memories one of my great-grandmothers.  She was my Little Grandma.  As a child, I thought we shrank as we got older because I was taller than her every time we went to visit.  I didn’t realize I was the one doing the growing; she wasn’t shrinking.  She made a bit of a pet of me because I was the daughter of her favorite grandson and had the good fortune to be born on her birthday.

Grandparents are special.  I hope you have good memories of yours.



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My Lord But It’s Hot!

Our normal hot, hazy humid summer weather has arrived. Good gracious but it’s hot. Heat index is to be 110! I’m so glad that the entire summer hasn’t been like this. At least I have a forecasted cooler weekend to look forward to. I wanted to go to the neighborhood fast=food place for breakfast this morning but not enough to get out in the heat and drive over there. I also need to go to the grocery but that will have to wait.

What’s the weather like where you live?

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I nearly forgot to write a Tuesday post for the blog. Maybe that’s because my mind is a bit on the blank side. Hmn …. what can I write?

The only thing I can think of is that a group of women I went to high school with is meeting next week for lunch. The restaurant selected is Ruby Tuesday. I haven’t been to one of that chain in years. Back in the day, when I did have lunch there, a favorite was their soup and salad. Do they still have that? If you were going there for lunch what would you order?

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