Meeting An Unusual Girl

Last night I was teaching a Kids’ Knitting class. I just had one student, a young girl of perhaps seven or eight. She was a quiet, shy blonde.

As we worked away at the knitting, I tried to engage her in some conversation about her summer. To my utter surprise she told me she had been to a camp where she learned to dissect animals! She confided she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. I asked her what animals they had dissected and she said a worm. I wasn’t aware that such camps existed.

I doubt she’ll ever make much of a knitter. She did okay and worked steadily at her swatch but I think she found it all a bit boring. To be honest, that class is a bit boring, especially when there is only one student.

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Election Judge Training

This morning I went to Hillsboro for my election judge training. It was really just a refresher class since I’ve done this several times. The County Clerk amazed me, as he always does, with his ability to remember our individual names. Guess that’s part of being a good politician. I know hearing myself addressed by my name makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and ready to do a good job as an election judge.

I saw several people I’ve worked with in the past at the training session. These are people I usually only see at the polling place but it’s nice to be recognized and greeted. The County Clerk did his best to speed through the material so we were only there for slightly more than an hour instead of the two hours originally scheduled.

We were also able to vote an absentee ballot while we were there which I did. That saved the county from having to mail one to me and my needing to get it notarized and mailed back. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about voting on election day. The turnout for this election isn’t expected to be heavy so getting free from my duties to vote probably wouldn’t be an issue. But voting today took care of that.

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Pretzel Buns

Have you had a burger on a pretzel bun? I don’t know when these came to be but we’ve had a Wendy’s start up not too terribly far from my house. I’ve had their bacon cheeseburger pretzel sandwich a couple of times and I must admit, it’s coming close to being my favorite fast food sandwich.

And it is because of that bun. It tastes like a lovely soft pretzel. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to the meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, etc., in the sandwich. I almost wish all burger places served their burgers on pretzel buns.

But if they did, I would miss the sourdough at Jack in the Box. Sometimes you just want a regular squishy burger bun like McDonald’s. Still, that pretzel bun is hard to beat.

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The Ten on Tuesday topic today was Thresholds. I’ve read some of the posts whose writers quite literally walk you through their day, over the thresholds, they’ve crossed. That’s an okay kind of post, I suppose. But the best one, I think, was written by Margene at .

Margene’s post is very thoughtful and thought provoking. Check it out.

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VBS Season

It seems that this is VBS season. I see notices in the newspaper for a number of churches hosting VBS in the next week or so. At my church, we’re going to have VBS Lite. For the next four Wednesday nights instead of Children’s Church, there will be a VBS session.

It’s been several years since we’ve had VBS so it will be interesting to see how this new format will work out. Having the sessions in the evening instead of the daytime should mean more people will be available to work with the children.

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Campmeeting is this week. Originally, I had planned to go. It started last night but I had had a miserable night Tuesday night and ended up sleeping most of the day away yesterday. A friend called while I was asleep to invite me to join her and another friend to go tonight. That sounded good to me but when I tried to return the call, I got no answer. So I’m conflicted … should I try calling her today about it or should I just go alone or should I give up and stay home. I’m still not feeling the best and need to shampoo my hair if I’m going anywhere. Decisions, decisions.

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Spud Night

The junior Bible quizzing team in my church has done well this year. In fact, they are going to the Nationals in a couple of weeks. They held a fund-raiser after the evening service last Sunday.

It was Spud Night. For $5, you could get a baked potato and iced tea. They had a variety of toppings. You could have cheese sauce, chili, grated cheese, bacon bits, sliced green onions, sliced ripe olives, salsa, sour cream. As many and as much as you wanted. I think the only thing they were missing was chopped broccoli.

Of all the fun raisers the various youth groups do, I think Spud Night is my favorite.

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