Making A List, Checking It Twice

Santa isn’t the only one making a list and checking it twice.  So am I.

Gifts purchased … check, check.

Gifts wrapped … no.  Will be done this weekend.

Cards readied for mail … no, but package sent off which should count for something.

Stocking stuffers purchased … check, check.  Small gifts, candy and nuts all purchased.

Where are stockings?  Have no idea.  Don’t know who took them home last Christmas.  I just know which three I was assigned this year.  So when I was shopping yesterday, I purchased some small gift bags which will have to be stand-ins for stockings until I some how, somewhere connect with the stockings.

Major responsibilities remaining:  Wrapping gifts and mailing cards.

Making Dad’s fruit salad for Christmas breakfast.  Ingredients purchased.

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Continuing Progress

I’m continuing to make progress toward Christmas. At this point, I only need to purchase two more gifts. All stocking suffers have been purchased. Even the candy for the stockings is currently in my possession. I do need to wrap the gifts. Once I achieve that, I believe I’ll leave them in my car trunk until a definite decision has been made on where we’re having Christmas. For several years, we’ve had Christmas at my sister’s. This year her younger son bought a house but he’s in the process of moving in and there’s some doubt he’ll be ready to host the family. So, I’m waiting to see where I’m to present myself come Christmas Day.

Now, back to my preparations, I will need to wrap one of the yet to be purchased gifts for mailing and then turn my attention to cards. That had better be a chore for tonight and in the morning. If I can pull that off, I’ll consider myself ready for Christmas.

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Slow Progress Toward Christmas

My progress toward Christmas is glacial. Today I managed to get a few stocking stuffers purchased but I need to get more. I’ve made no progress on Christmas cards. Must get my head (and fingers) around that chore. Part of the reason for my lack of progress has been this extended bout of ill health. But even being sick can’t last forever. How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

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Venturing Out

I ventured out today for the first time since least Friday. This cold has kept me housebound. Sleeping has been much more appealing than attempting any Christmas shopping.

I finally heard from my doctor’s office yesterday. She had some questions. Had I been exposed to the flu? Not that I know of. So she was going to call in a prescription for something for my cough. Okay. The pharmacy at Walmart usually calls to let me know when a prescription is ready to be picked up. However, by late this afternoon, I still hadn’t heard anything.

So I called to ask if they had a prescription for me. They had one but it wasn’t ready for pick-up because they hadn’t gotten their order for today. They offered to try and get it for me elsewhere. Another hour or so went by and I didn’t hear from either Walmart or the other pharmacy.

So I called the back-up store. They had the prescription but it wasn’t ready for pick-up just yet. It would be about 15 minutes. That was good enough for me. So I ventured out to the bank where I could go through the drive-thru and get some cash. Then it was off to the pharmacy. The drive-thru is two lanes but one didn’t seem to be moving. So I got in the other and in short order I had my medicine without exposing anyone to this crud.

A Culver’s is nearby and I really wanted one of their pot roast sandwiches for dinner. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got there. It looked like every parking spot was taken and there was a long line backed up in their drive-thru. So I went to Burger King next door and got my dinner there … chicken fingers, fries, iced tea, and chocolate pie. I did wonder if some group was having a meeting or maybe some kind of fund raiser at Culver’s. I know it’s popular but I’ve never seen that many people there.

When I got home, I inspected my new pills. The name of the drug was dimly ringing a bell. I looked at an old bottle on the shelf. Sure enough, it was the same drug but in a bigger dose. Too bad I didn’t realize that. I’m to take one pill every eight hours so I figure that will probably work out to be \]breakfast, dinner, and bedtime.

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Grey Day

It’s a grey overcast day. Perfect for napping. And that’s what I feel like doing. I have a miserable cold which has me trying to cough up a lung while emptying out my brain through my nose. A nap is definitely the thing. I’ve had this unwelcome visitor for three or four days now and I think it’s stayed long enough. Because of it, I missed the annual play at church Sunday night. I had really been looking forward to that. Oh, well …

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Monthly Travelogue

Last night I went to the monthly travelogue at Washington U. The audience was very small. I was a little puzzled why that was so but I suppose the rain kept some folks away.

The topic of the travelogue was the east coast of America from Virginia north to Maine. The lecturer must be a birder because most of his pictures were focused on various species of birds. He said he’s asked how he can get the birds to sit so still so he can get such outstanding close-ups. He said it takes two things: food and super glue. He puts a dab of the glue on the branch and then sticks the food into it. The bird has to work very hard trying to get the food out of the glue. Seems a bit unfair to me.

He also liked lighthouses. I doubt there was a lighthouse anywhere on the east coast that he didn’t take a picture of it.

So it was not the most interesting or exciting travelogue but it was okay for entertainment on wet evening.

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Day for Errands

Today I must do some errands. I got the banking out of the way but I still need to return some books to the library. The trick will be to avoid checking out any more. If I bring home some books, I’ll find all kinds of excuses for reading them instead of doing chores. It was ever thus … I remember my mother having to pry me out of a book to practice my music or do my chores.

Once home from the library I must make a start on the laundry and some general tiding up around here. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to put up Christmas decorations. I received my first Christmas card yesterday so I need to make up my mind about sending cards/e-cards this year.

Have you joined the shoppers this weekend? So far, I haven’t but I might stop tomorrow afternoon and pick up some things for the “little kids” for Christmas.

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