It Must Have Been A Shock

Thursday morning I woke up to a news story that at first I didn’t understand.  It was about a sink hole.  The reporter said it was downtown.  Once I was more awake, I realized it was on the street outside the building where I had worked when I first got out of high school.

Once I was awake, had listened to more coverage of the story, I got up and searched on the Internet for more details.  Sure enough, a sink hole had opened up in the street just outside the Sixth Street entrance to the old Famous–Barr building.  In fact, my first job was on the third floor just above that entrance!  No one seemed sure what had caused it but there was a broken water main gushing in the hole.

There was also a Toyota Corolla in the hole.  The owner and his girlfriend had parked on the street while they went to the nearby Y to exercise.  When they came back, the car was gone.  No, it hadn’t been stolen.  It had fallen in the sink hole.  They were able to get it out of the hole — there were pictures of a crane hauling it out — and I assume all’s well that ends well.  No one was injured.  I’m not sure about damage to the car which was upside down in the hole.


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