It seems like there’s a lot of suffering going on.  Hurricanes and earthquakes have brought unimaginable pain and suffering to many people.  I can’t begin to think how they find the will to try to put their lives back together.  On one blog I read, the writers have a shop where they sell various things including teeshirts.  One of their shirts bears the legend “Do what you think you can’t do.”  I suppose that what those who have been hammered by the weather do.

Keeping that in perspective makes me feel very petty to complain about my personal suffering.  About ten days ago I got the “itchies.”  I scratch until I bleed.  The itchies started on my hands but have traveled around.  I think the most annoying are the ones on my back/shoulder blades where I cannot reach to scratch them.  They make sleeping difficult.  I’ve been in contact with my doctor and have started taking Benadryl (Walgreen brand) but I’m  not sure it’s helping.  There’s no visible rash.  I haven’t eaten anything I’m allergic to so the itchies remain a mystery, one which makes me very miserable.

But at least I have light and water and so many things so many others are lacking.  I need to concentrate on that.









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1 Response to Suffering

  1. Nancy Kolb says:

    You sound very uncomfortable. Itching can be so miserable. Years ago my mom had itching all over, but she had a rash. The doctor suggested she sit in a tub of hot water into which she had put a box of cornstarch several times a day. The local grocer probably wondered why he couldn’t keep cornstarch in stock for a while, but it did seem to ease her misery somewhat. She was even using a hairbrush to scratch!!!

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