Meeting New Dentist

Yesterday I had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned.  I met my new dentist, a youngish woman.  She seems pretty nice.  I have an appointment with her later in April for a filling.  I’ll see how I like how she works when that’s done.   The hygienist who cleaned my teeth is very gentle.  I kept choking yesterday and she kept patting me on the back like you would a baby.  It rather amused me.

A bit of good news … my dental insurance paid for yesterday’s appointment.  I just learned I have this insurance as part of my medical insurance.  I doesn’t cover a lot of dental things but every bit helps.

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In Search Of

Years ago when I was a girl, I belonged to the Girl Scouts.  I went to Girl Scout camp once or twice.  At camp we cooked our meals over a campfire.  I’ve been thinking about the meals we had.  I remember Tuna Wiggle which was a tuna/noodle dish.  I could probably come up with that now if I wanted to eat it for dinner.

But the recipe which escape ms is Mock Angel Food Cake.  This was slices of ???? dipped in sweetened condensed milk and then coated in coconut.  The slices were toasted over the fire.  What a delicious treat it was.  My problem is I can’t remember what we sliced up and dipped.  Was it bread?  Was it angel food cake?  Do  you know?

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More Bits and Pieces

Something I’ve been wondering about … a few weeks ago I read about hundreds of whales who had beached themselves in New Zealand.  There was a mention that some number had gone back to the sea but the folks in New Zealand had a huge number still on their beaches. I got to wondering how do you clean up such a problem?

Can they be taken to a canning factory and turned into pet food?  Would it work to tow them out to sea and dump them to be food for other sea creatures?  Could they be ground up and turned into fertilizers for farm crops?  How do you solve such a problem?

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is hearing.  Do you ever hear an ad on the radio or television and know immediately that it wasn’t produced locally because of the way certain words are pronounced?  Usually it’s a name that is mispronounced.  Currently there’s a commercial being played that grates on my ear.  It gives the location of the business as being on the corner of two local streets.  I can’t quite put my finger on how  the one street is mispronounced; I just know it doesn’t sound quite right.

Another thing I’m wondering about is my eyesight.  All of a sudden — in the last several days — I don’t seem to need my glasses to see to type on the computer.  Since I’ve worn glasses for over 55 years, I find this unnerving.  I suppose a visit to my eye doctor is in order.  I need to get a referral from my primary care doctor which provides a new problem; I’m in between two primary care doctors.  But the newest one takes over April 1 so this problem should soon be solved.



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Bits and Pieces

I apologize for the long silence.  Not really sure why it happened other than I felt I had nothing to say.  I’ve some little bits and pieces I can add to the blog now so here goes.

Shortly after the first of the year, I had to buy a new computer.  What a job that was!  I hadn’t planned to buy a computer; ir definitely wasn’t in the budget.  However, when I took it to be repaired, I learned there was a major problem with the motherboard and the only real solution was to replace it.  I selected a new HP and and made arrangements for a technician to come install it for me.  He came and it appeared everything was in order … until about 30 minutes after he left.  The new computer was also having major problems.  Another service call was set up. Turned out the new computer was defective and had to be replaced.  I’ve lost track of how many service calls were made before I finally had a working computer again.  The major drawback to it is the keyboard.  It’s small and I find it  very difficult to type on it.  Because of my computer woes, I didn’t answer emails or post to the blog for weeks.

In the midst of all this, I was sick with two colds and a bonus bout of vertigo.

I’ve been working with a pharmacist associated with my doctor’s office on stabilizing my diabetic medicines in the hopes of finding a less expensive way to regulate my blood sugar.  I thought we were making real progress until one of the “new” medicines caused my feet and legs to swell to gigantic sizes and I couldn’t really get my shoes on.  Still working on solving that problem.  In the meantime, my doctor is moving out of town due to a job change for her husband and I’m faced with finding new doctor for the second time in a year.

But on to other topics …  few weeks ago I was driving to a nearby QuikTrip to get some bread.  The road is narrow, curvy, with a ditch along each side.  I saw two deer standing on the side just as though they were having a friendly chat.  Fortunately I saw them in time to slow down because one ran in front of me.  Not sure where they live since this is a residential area.  But I was thankful I hadn’t hit one of them.  There’s a fair bit of traffic on that road, most of which speed along.  I was guilty of doing that but I find I drive a little slower on that road now.









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Hanging Stockings With Care

Mantles adorned with garland and other holiday trinkets make fireplaces come alive for Christmas.  That magic is only enhanced by hanging Christmas stockings which are just waiting to be filled with goodies for good girls and boys.  Those without a fireplace often hang stockings from windowsills and stairway banisters.

No written record exists to explain the origin of hanging stockings on fireplace mantles.  Despite this, many people link the tradition to a tale about St. Nicholas.  As the story goes, St. Nicholas was traveling through a village when he overheard the plight of three women.  They were poor, and their father could not afford an ample dowry to marry them off.  Rather than have them end up spinsters, St. Nicholas secretly tossed bags of coins through a window (or down the chimney, depending on which version of the story you read or hear), and they were captured in the girls’ stockings hanging to dry by the fire.  The family was overjoyed to have received such riches.

Soon news traveled about the mysterious money in stockings, and other children left out stockings for St. Nicholas to capture their own gifts  The tradition has transformed over the years, and now many children hang stockings by the chimney with the expectation that the stockings will be filled with gifts from Santa.  Traditions once suggested that only gifts from Santa were left in stockings, while gifts placed beneath the tree were from family, but that has since changed.  Stockings are now meant to hold small gifts while larger items are placed under the tree.

Stockings should be hung away from the flames of the fire as a safety precaution.  Some children even like to hang individual stockings on their bedposts instead of on a fireplace mantle.

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Did you know?

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus is a Christmas Eve tradition.  Children regularly place a dish of cookies and a glass of milk by the tree on Christmas Eve so that Santa has enough energy to complete all of his gift-giving before kids wake up on Christmas morning.  The tradition of leaving cookies out on Christmas Eve may trace its origins to Saint Nicholas.  On the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6, the children would leave food and drink for the saint and any attendants.  The treats would be exchanged for gifts.

While that’s one theory behind the tradition, others, think it is linked to the history of the Christmas tree and the edible decorations that adorn it.  Santa would snack on the ornaments.  Even after edible decorations gave way to inedible ornaments  the tradition of leaving a snack for Santa remained.

Whatever the origins behind the tradition, millions of children dutifully leave milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

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Wintery … Ugh!

Today is definitely wintery.  Not my favorite kind of weather.  The temp has been falling all day.  We’ve had freezing drizzle which makes getting out very iffy.  Ever since my mother fell on ice and paralyzed herself from the neck down, I do my best to avoid getting out when it is icy.  Given my recent fall, I certainly don’t want to fall on ice!

The weather forecasters are saying we might have an inch of snow on top of the frozen drizzle.  Not a good scenario for getting out and about.  I never did make it to Five Below yesterday so I’ve shuffled things around and think I’ve come up with some suitable stocking stuffers.  This is no weather to go shopping in.

I would like to get out tomorrow for church.  The evening service is the annual Candlelight one with the special music program.  Sadly, the sound on my computer isn’t working and I won’t be able to hear it as a live stream.  I could watch and see who the special singers are but I’d rather hear them.  With the high forecast to be 15, there is no chance that things will melt.  I’m not sure what the road crews can do to make it safe to drive tomorrow.


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