It Must Have Been A Shock

Thursday morning I woke up to a news story that at first I didn’t understand.  It was about a sink hole.  The reporter said it was downtown.  Once I was more awake, I realized it was on the street outside the building where I had worked when I first got out of high school.

Once I was awake, had listened to more coverage of the story, I got up and searched on the Internet for more details.  Sure enough, a sink hole had opened up in the street just outside the Sixth Street entrance to the old Famous–Barr building.  In fact, my first job was on the third floor just above that entrance!  No one seemed sure what had caused it but there was a broken water main gushing in the hole.

There was also a Toyota Corolla in the hole.  The owner and his girlfriend had parked on the street while they went to the nearby Y to exercise.  When they came back, the car was gone.  No, it hadn’t been stolen.  It had fallen in the sink hole.  They were able to get it out of the hole — there were pictures of a crane hauling it out — and I assume all’s well that ends well.  No one was injured.  I’m not sure about damage to the car which was upside down in the hole.


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The Eyes Have It

Something strange has been going on with my eyes.  I can now see the computer screen better when I’m not wearing my glasses.  Could my eyes be getting better?  So I had an appointment with my eye doctor yesterday.  The answer is that there is a film forming on the back of the capsule where the implants from my cataract surgery were inserted.  This is evidently a common thing after such surgery.  So I now have an appointment to have that film removed.  It’s done with a laser as an out-patient.

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Better Late than Never

Filing my taxes this year was definitely a case of better late than never.  I picked up the completed return on Thursday.  This was definitely the latest I’ve ever done my taxes.  Fortunately, I didn’t owe any money.  The accountant said that filing for an extension was no problem when I mentioned my lateness to him.  But I’ve made a promise to myself that I will do better next year.  He submitted them electronically that afternoon and I’ve received confirmation from both the IRS and Missouri tax folks that my returns have been filed.

I went to the lab for some medical tests before I went to the accountant’s office.  One of the tests involved a blood draw.  I don’t know how or why it happened but I looked at my arm in the parking lot and it was covered in blood.  The bleeding had soaked through the band-aid.  Thankfully, it did stop bleeding but I looked a mess.

On my way to the  office, I drove through a really fierce storm.  The rain was so heavy the traffic slowed to 20 mph on the highway.  It was extremely difficult to see exit signs, etc.  But I arrived safely at the office.  I got a parking space close to the door but still had to struggle with an umbrella, my purse and my cane.

Thursday was not the easiest day of the week.

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They’re Popping Up

The fireworks tents are popping up like dandelions after a rain.  They are next to every fast-food restaurant.  They aren’t open for business yet but I expect by the middle of next week they will be.  That means it won’t be long before the night=time quiet will echo with booms and bangs with a few sizzles thrown in for good measure.  The appearance of the fireworks tents announced the speeding days of summer.  They are almost a truer sign of summer than the hot temperatures we’re experiencing.


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Summertime is doing its best to arrive.  It has taken it’s unofficial opening date of May 30 seriously.  The temps have been flirting with 90s.  The humidity thinks what is good for the temp is also good for it.  Never mind that most humans don’t agree.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be nice … high only in the 80s and with lower humidity.  That’s how I like summer.

Saw something odd the other day.  I was in line at the drive-through to get a sandwich when I noticed a big puff of smoke coming from the roof of the car in front of me.  It was a car with a sunroof.  Evidently the driver and any others in it were smokers and they opened the sunroof to vent the smoke.  I’m sure glad I wasn’t in that car.  Given the size of that puff, it must have been very difficult to breathe inside the car.

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What Do You Suppose

What do you suppose I’ve done with my eyeglasses?  I had a doctor’s appointment and some errands to do this morning.  I wore my sunglasses since the sun was out and bright.  When I got home, I came in, took off the sun glasses and I have no idea what I did with my regular glasses.  They are not in the case.  The sunglasses are tucked away in it.  Is this part of getting older?  Maybe it’s a good thing I’ll be making an appointment with my  eye doctor next week.



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Running Water

What a blessing running water is!  We have been under a “boil water” order for over two weeks.  But that was lifted this morning.  What a pleasure it is to be able to just turn on the faucet and be able to use the water.  We should never take clean running water for granted.

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