It Is Definitely Summer

It is definitely summer.  The  high temp is to be near 100 today,  The humidity is being a good friend and hanging out with the temp.  This makes me very thankful for air conditioning.  God bless the inventor of that!

It seems that every year when we reach this season, you read and hear people wondering how people coped in earlier times.  I have a couple of theories.  One is that people just got used to the heat.  No one had air conditioning so their bodies acclimated to the heat.

Another one of my theories is that there was a greater use of fans.  Women carried hand fans and used them to stir the air around them.  Moving air feels cooler, especially when aiding in evaporation of sweat.  Ceiling fans and window fans can also lower the temp in a room.

Houses had higher ceilings.  Hot air rises so the heat was higher in the room and not sitting on your head.

Do you have any theories?  What are they?

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1 Response to It Is Definitely Summer

  1. Nancy Kolb says:

    One of my theories is that there was no paving and concrete. Another is that there weren’t as many buildings blocking the winds and breezes and there were more trees to “fan” the earth.

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