Making Progress

I’m making progress on getting ready for Christmas.  I almost can’t believe it.

In my family we changed how we “do” Christmas a couple of years ago.  Now we only buy gifts for the younger children (five of them) and then draw names among the adults, seven of us.  The name drawing is done on Thanksgiving.

For years I did my Christmas shopping year-round.  Then at Christmas I’d get out the gifts I had stashed and sort out who got what.  This spread the expense of Christmas out over the year.  Plus it was always fun to see what I had stashed in the gift closet.  The new scheme makes it harder to do this since you don’t know whose name you’ll draw.

But yesterday I managed to purchase the gifts for the children.  I was armed with coupons and sale ads.  I feel so proud of myself.  Now I just have to wrap those and I’ll be almost ready for Christmas Day.  I can turn my attention to making my Christmas list for whoever draws my name and then once that’s done, give some attention to Christmas cards.  I’ll probably send a mixture of paper cards and e-cards to save on the expense of sending cards.





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