Please, not yet

I couldn’t believe my ears yesterday.  The weather forecast was being given on the radio and it included the word snow.  According to the forecaster, there’s a possibility  of snow on Saturday.  Granted, it’s to be mixed with rain which should make for a nice slushy mess for all the shoppers to track in and out of stores, cars, and their homes when they’re finished.  I’m not ready to deal with snow.

Something else I’m just about ready to finish dealing with is medical insurance decisions.  I have another meeting this afternoon to go over yet another plan before I make a decision.  This meeting is held at a nearby restaurant and I expect we’ll be offered a free dessert in thanks for coming to the meeting.   At least I hope we’ll be given dessert.

Also on my agenda for this afternoon is a trip to the dry cleaners and then the grocery store.  I need to do my monthly shopping.  I learned this morning that we’re having Thanksgiving at my niece’s  and I’ve sent her an email asking what I can bring.  I’d like to hear from her before I go to the grocery so maybe I’ll come home from the insurance meeting and check my email before going to the supermarket.

What are your plans for your day?


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