Visiting National Parks

Last night I visited a number of our national parks thanks to the monthly travelogue. It focused mostly on the parks in the Western U.S. I must admit that after looking at picture after picture of red rocks, I’m not enticed to visit those parks. I suppose they have some attraction for some people — they certainly did for the lecturer but then he is a geologist — but I just don’t get it. I want trees and lakes in my parks.

We did have brief — very brief — visits to Arcadia Park in Maine and the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee but those visits were too short and were disappointing. In Maine we were plopped down on top of a mountain where we could look out to sea and in Tennessee, we saw a waterfall but not much else. I’ve never been to Maine but I have been to Tennessee. A lovely feature of the Smokey Mountains is the “smoke” but we saw no pictures of that.

So I suppose I’ll just stay at home and think of some place other than national parks to explore.

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